Simple Guide for Successfully Buying a Shower Door Online to receive at your address

Before you think about placing an order online purchasing a shower door, there are some key guides you need to follow in choosing the right type for your bedroom; these tips will help save you time and pressure, which will streamline your decision-making process.

However, what exactly is a shower door? A shower door is usually issued with single glass or double glass decorations, which contains the whole of your bath area, protecting the rest of your shower room from sprinkles of water—sometimes provided as a door that can either push, pivot, swing, double open, and many more. Shower doors arrive in any form and measurements.

Fortunately for you, there are many types of shower doors to choose from. Below are some of the best tips to use in purchasing a shower door online today.

01. Choose the right type of Shower doors


When selecting the right type of shower door, you will make many crucial decisions, one of which is the type of door to buy. While your selection of a shower glass might appear as transparent glass, it’s a bit more complex.

Going for a Frameless Glass Shower Door sounds amazing. However, what exactly is a Frameless Shower Door? A frameless glass shower door is a popular alternative for bathrooms. Most of the frameless designs are custom-made, meaning you aren’t restricted to mass-produced standard-sized shower doors. An example of the most important element when deciding a frameless shower door is the measure and fittings.

Benefits of A Frameless Glass Shower Door


A frameless glass door comes with lots of benefits for you as a homeowner.

  • More effortless to maintain
  • It is reliable
  • Modern
  • Upgrades your bathrooms decor

The frameless appearance has limited visible disorder, showcases your gorgeous tile work, and allows lots of light in.

02. Suitable layout that best fits your bathroom design


Decide on the best layout that best fits your bathroom design and space. Some other point you need to have in mind is considering the type of room you have in mind which you intend creating a shower enclosure for:

  • Do you consider using it in a bathroom that adjoins a bedroom?
  • Or your main bathroom?

After having all this in mind, it would affect the kind of shower enclosure appropriate for your specific demands. It’s achievable to fit your shower room into a firm area with planning, which, in return, will help make your life a bit more straightforward to live in.

03. Take The Precise Measurement and Choose The Right One Accordingly


When you fill out the ready-to-use online order form, you will be asked for shower measurements. The more extra precise you make your measurements, the more accurate your order will be.

The washing layout you decide on the final step includes a description that shows you what sizes you need to enter for your order.

However, if you’re not specifically certain about this step, you can use the standard measurements. And yes, do not worry, we’ll help in also double-checking your measurements as a part of our service to you. 

Double-checking each of your measurements is important while choosing the shower door; otherwise, the investment would turn into a massive cost.

04. Choosing the glass type and the right thickness


The next step to picking a shower door is considering the thickness of the glass. Depending on the company you choose to purchase your shower doors, there are many types to choose from. Since the thickness of glass depends on the type of glass you decide to install.

For example, if we are to compare a frameless glass to a framed glass. Frameless glass is made of the same tempered glass but has a much thicker glass because there are no supporting frames around it.

05. Select Hardware


If you aren’t starting a full design shower renovation, you can make some amazing updates to your shower door hardware. 

However, when picking from a diversity of options, make sure you consider everything in your shower so that you can produce a well-blended appearance. 

For example, the cabinet holders, sheet bars, and faucet finishes can equal your shower door hardware and create an inviting space.

06. Choosing other add-on accessories


You might also consider adding some amazing accessory add-ons to your order, Such as a door seal, floor sweep, and hinge seal.

An important aspect when picking a shower door seal is that the glass’s thickness should be included. Also, the area where the seal will be installed must be taken into consideration. The same goes for the floor sweep and the hinge seal.

07. Double-check The Summary of Your Shower Order


When you are done selecting your shower door type, Add-on, Thickness etc., you will be presented with a page to check your summary.

Right here, you want to make sure you filled in everything correctly with no errors. Some of the summaries you might find on this page are as follows:

  • Product Title
  • Glass Type
  • Glass Thickness
  • Handle Style
  • Attachment
  • Hardware Finish
  • Towel Bar
  • Glass Surface Protection
  • Add-ons & more

While this summary might sound a bit complex, it isn’t.

08. Enter Your Information and submit requirements


This step is one of the most important steps since the information you provide determines if your shower door is successfully delivered to your address. 

Some things to consider are to avoid making mistakes when putting in your address and your cell number. Your mobile number enables the manufacturer to communicate with you in real-time.

09. Review The Requirements and Make The Payment


You would want to review your order and make payment based on the requirements you ordered for on previous steps.

10. Shower Door Installation After Arrival at Home


After making your payment, the next step is the interesting and most exciting part: getting your shower door delivered to your doorstep and installing it.

In a sum up! to get the best possible shower door installation for your home, At Fab Glass, we can help you set up a proper installation, or you can also alternatively outsource this part.

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