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Best Balcony Garden Designs for Inspiration: Small Garden Design Ideas


Homeowners often don’t have a chance to create a cozy green space where they could relax and enjoy their favorite plants. We offer a simple solution with the best balcony garden ideas that will help you to make a little heaven behind your window

Tips on arranging a small garden on your urban balcony

Garden Designs for Inspiration

Have you ever dreamt of having your own space where you could hide from the whole world and enjoy the private time? A place with greens and the most fragrant flowers that will calm you down after a hard working day. Yes, you got it right! We speak about a garden with a cozy arm-chair, small coffee-table, beautiful lamps, soft lifghting,  and birds singing. Unfortunately, this space isn’t available for people living in a flat but we have the solution. Study the best balcony garden ideas and then you’ll be able to transform your home or apartment into private heaven. You’ll also find a few tips which will help you to choose plants and create a green zone properly.

Balcony Garden Ideas: Exploring the Conditions

Before you decide to arrange a garden on your balcony, you have to examine this idea carefully. First of all, this place has to be suitable for plants you’re going to leave here. Garden greens and flowers need special conditions to feel well on your balcony. Consider the idea to examine the plants you like because some of them may do well under the sun and some prefer shade.

Notice that apartments based higher in the building get more sunlight due to the absence of trees and walls of neighboring constructions. That’s why you may like the idea to grow balcony trees in your garden. Consider choosing a lemon or pomegranate when you’ll look for a garden plant to put it into a pot. A balcony on a lower floor is a great place for plants that prefer shade. Pay attention to the idea to grow a fern in your small urban garden.

Selecting Plants for Your Balcony Garden

Select a plant for your garden

You have to be careful with your small balcony design ideas and select plants according to the characteristics of conditions. Consider the location of your future garden and weather that will essentially influence florals and trees. Follow these recommendations to come up with the most effective balcony plant ideas:
● If your balcony is on a lower floor, you can notice the idea to choose orchids, ferns, succulents, and violets to plant in your garden;
● Balconies located from a windy side will do well for ideas including garden plants that don’t mind such conditions. Avoid choosing greens and florals which don’t have thick stems because they will easily be damaged. Select cactuses, succulents or crotons for balcony gardening ideas depending on windy conditions;
● A balcony rich in the afternoon sunlight will perfectly suit the idea to plant a geranium or beautiful bougainvillea in your garden;
● Soft morning sunlight is a great solution for begonia, anthurium, and peace lilies;
● Aloe vera, azalea, and spider plant will feel great in a covered balcony garden. Notice this idea if you want to fill this place with plants purifying the air.

The Best Small Garden Designs Ideas

Garden Designs

Small balcony garden designs will depend on the size of the space you’re ready to use. Usually, it’s not big and the variety of ideas is rather limited but we’ve prepared the most interesting ones. Get inspired by the following balcony garden designs:

● in case space is not enough to create a big balcony garden, consider a vertical plant arrangement. This idea requires a special system that will let you create a plant wall decor;
● a pergola is a perfect idea if you have a larger balcony space to arrange a garden where you can hide in a shade;
● tiny gardens ideas for small balconies include little pots. Choose them to save space and create a cozy place;
● if your balcony is narrow and there’s no place for a garden, notice the idea of putting a pot with a plant on a table. It will be a nice decoration for this space and add more colors to your days;
● create a garden on a balcony shelves. It’s another great idea to save some space and make a cozy atmosphere in the city. Add a beautiful lamp and you’ll be able to read your favorite book here in the evening;
● select plants with different heights to create the vision of a real garden on your balcony;
● once you like fresh air and want to have more greens around you, the idea of having breakfast and dinner in your balcony garden is what you need. Choose appropriate plants, bring a small table and chairs to enjoy meals in the best environment;
● select the easiest plants to grow in a vase. Even the most common flowers will look better in your balcony garden in case you use this idea. A vase is a modern decision that will make this space look stunning;
● set pots with plants on borders of your balcony in case it’s possible. This idea will essentially save the space in your small garden;
● in case you have a large terrace, balcony planting may be even more effective. You can divide the space and create a few zones by using the idea of setting the construction for climbers and vines or planting high greens;
● mix the colors in your garden. Due to the variety of seasonal plants, your balcony will need the idea that will make it burst with paints.

Final Words

The most essential thing you have to consider when choosing balcony ideas on a budget space is the conditions you provide to plants. Due to the fact that some of them like sunlight and some prefer shade, choose trees and flowers carefully. Did you like these ideas? If you have your own recipe of creating a beautiful balcony garden, share it with us!

About the author: Sophia Banes is a creative freelance blogger and author of “Freelance Journal.” She is also a tech expert and currently working as a web-designer .

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