Smart Home Decor Ideas For A Luxury Feel

If you struggle to make your home look and feel luxurious, either because you’re on a tight budget or you don’t know how to do it right, this article will help change that. From painting new colors to cleaning the house thoroughly and lighting it up, these are a few of the tips you need to transform your house into the home you have always desired, all at an affordable rate. Below are seven smart decor ideas for luxury feel in your home. 

1.      Color Matters, so Paint

While you might have a hard time making this decision, especially if you find that it will affect how the remaining decor looks, with the right paint color, this could be one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to make your home elegant. There are various colors to choose from, depending on your taste, but the best shade should be neutral. By going neutral, you don’t have to change a lot of other things in the room to go well with the chosen paint color. 


Another way to use paint to transform your home is by painting all the interior doors black. It’s a great idea because it creates a luxurious feeling without having to spend a lot of money. However, if you choose to do this, ensure that you add a few black accessories to your space to make everything blend in well. 

2.      Hanging Art On Walls

Framed work such as art and family photos, can make any house feel homely. Before you mount any artwork, you should first decide where everything will go and the right way to hang them. Also, remember that not every empty wall needs wall art. If you are a creative homeowner and want artwork at an affordable price, create your own. You can get everything needed to get this job done from a local craft store.


3.      Housekeeping for A Clean and Uncluttered Home

Cleaning is a very effective way of making any home look elegant. It’s actually free, especially if you do it yourself. A simple act of vacuuming and dusting your home every week can bring a lot of the needed change. Besides, cleaning regularly helps you take care of spots and stains quickly, thus preventing them from damage and looking shabby. This also applies to furniture. Cleaning your windows is also necessary as it lets light fill your room, making it look welcoming and bright. 


Lastly, cleaning regularly keeps clutter away from your home. You not only benefit by feeling good about having a mess-free home, but items such as paint, flooring, and accessories stand out more when a home is neat. 

4.      Place Pillows for Additional Comfort and Elegance 

There are two benefits of having the soft, beautiful pillows in your home. One is that when well-chosen, pillows can add elegance to any room. Secondly, they bring additional comfort to your couch. The great news is that pillows offer a cozy and layered feeling to any living room. Even if you have the overstaffed and large pillows, or the small ones, they all can give your living room that elegant and plush appearance.


5.      Crown Molding because Details are Important

Whenever you want to decorate your home to achieve that high-end custom-made look, details are vital. Take crown molding, for instance. It makes a room appear complete because it brings the walls and the ceiling together, making them elegant. Rooms that lack crown molding may sometimes look unfinished and cheap. 


The good news is that crown molding is a bit cheap, especially the plastic ones that are paintable, which makes them affordable for any budget. You also have the opportunity to choose from many widths. For significant impact, select trims that are as wide as your wallet will allow. To put the icing on the cake, try using different types of molding such as ceiling beams, high baseboards, columns, chair rails, crown, etc.

6.      Give Illusion of High Ceilings

In case you are not able to literally raise your roof, there are ways to make a room look like it has a higher ceiling than it actually does. One way to achieve this look is by raising the window treatments. Raising the window panels creates the illusion of height while giving it that gander feel that every homeowner desires. This is one of the most underrated ideas, and homeowners often overlook its impact on a space. One inexpensive way of seeing this idea through is by simply adding fabric to the panels you already have. Look for the perfect fabric that complements what you have, take it to your tailor to have them add it at the bottom, middle, or top of your fabric.


7.      Light the Room

Light is essential in a room. You can either light a room using natural light or source light. To achieve this, don’t block your windows.Light-The-Room1cAlso, add floor and table lamps to make a huge statement. If your house doesn’t have sufficient natural light, you can buy light fixtures at affordable rates from stores near you. 


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Another important room in your house is the bedroom. Having a great bed in your bedroom does more than helping you sleep better. It also adds elegance to the room. There are many varieties of beds from which to choose.


A good example is the murphy beds Fort Lauderdale that you can learn more about by going online. This, together with the above seven smart decor ideas can help transform any space into a luxurious and homely one. 

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