Sneaky Tricks ~ Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Your home is likely your most expensive asset, and capitalizing on its value at the right time can give you a great financial advantage. Fortunately, it’s possible to add serious value to your home without footing a sizable bill for renovations, as long as you know where to focus your efforts for maximum impact. Check off these boxes and you’ll be on your way to a fancier look in no time.


Create the illusion of extra space

Extra space is a timeless commodity, valued highly amongst homebuyers everywhere. The rooms in your home may not be quite as high-set and spacious as you would like, but by simply raising your curtains towards the ceiling, you can create the illusion of a more generously-proportioned home. If you’re really committed, you might even consider breaking down walls to open up rooms or make space for larger windows.


Invest in mirrors

Mirrors are another surprisingly simple and effective way to make your home look more spacious using nothing but natural light sources. Mirrors are great not only for bouncing light around the room they sit in, but also for reflecting the surroundings, and ultimately making the room seem larger in the process. Put some of the money from your home improvement fund towards a floor-to-ceiling mirror and you’ll be guaranteed many good years of usage out of it.



Nothing spoils the visual appeal of your home quite like harboring old or unwanted possessions, which is why it’s worth going through a serious clean and purge before you make any other changes. By separating your belongings into groups like keep, store, donate, and throw away, you’ll have a better vision of the bare  bones of your home. In the process, you’ll also get an idea of whether any additional storage options are needed for the things you simply cannot part with, making it the ultimate win-win for sophisticated design. Self storage units are a great solution for getting rid of old stuff you no longer use.


Add storage

Contrary to Marie Kondo’s philosophy, it’s not always possible to achieve nirvana by getting rid of possessions, and that’s where storage options come in handy. Creating extra storage space is never a bad idea, especially when your goal is to boost the valuation of your home. A simple set of shelves can make whatever space you do have more efficient storage, and it makes for a great DIY project – bonus points if the shelves are made from an on-trend material like hardwood.


Inject a pop of colour

A new coat of paint is a great option for anyone seeking a quick, yet impactful fix. Depending on the area for coverage, you can finish off a new coat of paint in a matter of days, for no more than the cost of the paint tin. For a long-lasting impact, consider sticking to timeless shades that will maintain their appeal over the years, like nudes and soft pastels. If you can choose a color scheme that’s able to be replicated throughout different rooms for continuity, that’s even better.


Freshen up the pillow covers

Pillows present a great opportunity to amp up the visual intrigue of almost any space, and you do so without over-shooting your budget. After all, as long as your old pillows are still in relatively good condition, there’s no need to buy a complete replacement – all you need to do is replace the covers, another great DIY for anyone with a sewing machine, and watch as your queen bed or living room sofa comes alive.


Give each room a focal point

A theme can be a very powerful thing, especially when drawn from a naturally eye-catching feature of the room, so don’t be afraid to build a room around one defining element. It might be a piece of wall art, a beloved piece of furniture, or even the view. Picking out a few new pieces of furniture or art for your walls is one of the simplest ways to spruce up your interior design. Not only will this make your home feel more familiar and personal, but it can also help with appealing to potential buyers. Just keep in mind that visual art pieces, like any other artistic medium, are often quite personal and particular, and steer clear of anything too niche or avant-garde.

Splash out

The kitchen and bathroom tend to receive the most expensive renovations of anywhere in the house, but even a relatively small investment can still make a difference. Even in the case of older homes with aged kitchens or bathrooms, simple updates can add plenty to the appeal, especially a tasteful, modern addition like a back splash. The right back splash makes a great replacement for outdated tiling, or even just a pop of color in an otherwise dull room.


Invest in key pieces of furniture

It’s natural to feel tempted by high-end furniture pieces when you’re in the market for a home upgrade, but there are some purchases more worthwhile than others. A great sofa or coffee table is a long-term prospect, and a strong staple to bring the rest of your design together. As for the other, less central pieces of furniture, you may be surprised at what you can find in a good quality second-hand store.

Adding to the appeal of your home is surprisingly simple when you put your energy towards the right projects. Whether you’re looking to boost that final sale price or simply impress visitors, family, and friends, a few small changes can make a world of difference.

guest-authorSusan is a writer and mom of two girls. She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids.

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