Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers

Simple Staging Tips that Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers

If you want to sell your property in today’s climate, you have to create a space that will appeal to the younger buyers, especially Millennial’s who are slowly breaking into the real estate market. However, unlike Baby Boomers, Millennial’s have specific design and lifestyle wishes you must pay attention to while staging and improving your space.

Opt for a cool color palette

Effective Home Staging Tips to Appeal to Millennial

Since minimalist aesthetics is still very popular among Millennials, try to change your home’s color palette into something very cool and relaxing. Think plenty of whites, grays and light blues. While you don’t need to repaint every single surface in your house, a few fresh splashes of color will definitely make the property more Millennial-friendly. Make sure to opt for colors that complement your furniture, counters and cabinets. Many people who choose to repaint and make appropriate color adjustments are almost doubling their investment!

Renovate bathrooms

Bath tub appeals to Millennial

Many Millennials are working with a pretty tight budget, so if you have bathrooms that require updating, this will definitely turn them down. Check out some of the current bathroom trends and try to introduce them to your home. One of the best things you can do is concentrate on wellness and comfort with a few Zen upgrades. By adding natural elements into your space (natural stone, wicker, pottery and plants) you can achieve a relaxing atmosphere without breaking your bank. And your buyers will know how to appreciate your efforts.

Invest in sustainability

By adding natural elements into your space (natural stone, wicker, pottery and plants) you can achieve a relaxing atmosphere without breaking your bank.

According to experts and investors, residential price per square meter is constantly reaching new records thanks to the fact that buyers are getting more and more attracted to sustainable and eco-friendly features and are willing to pay a good price for green properties. So, in order to attract such buyers, you might want to consider checking out lighting stores and investing in LED lighting solutions. LED’s are much more energy-efficient and they provide people with pleasant illumination that makes every space look and feel airy and open. Hanging pendants are especially popular today, so you can switch your old lights for stylish yet efficient modern solutions.

Consider maintenance

low maintenance decor for millennial

Aside from sustainability, Millennials also prefer spaces that require minimal care and maintenance. Wasting hours on scrubbing and vacuuming their carpets will turn off many of the young buyers. That’s why hardwood floors are so attractive today. They are easy to keep clean, are eco-friendly (especially if you opt for reclaimed wood) and will last for many, many years. While this might not be the cheapest and easiest home improvement project, it will definitely attract the attention of any Millennial buyer.

Update your hardware

If you want to make very small yet very effective changes, try this fast fix—change your old hardware. Older fixtures like faucets, showerheads, sinks and even drawer pulls and cabinet knobs cost very little in stores like Home Depot and you can switch them in only a few minutes. Your place will instantly look more modern and fresh!

Boost kid-friendliness

kid friendly decor

While not all Millennials have (or want) children, many of them are considering this big step. So, while they are ready to invest much money into a property, they want to end up with something that can be adjusted to their future needs. So, make sure to create spaces that can be transformed into playrooms and nurseries and to invest in a few safety elements that will remove hazards from your home.

Improve your storage capacity

It doesn’t matter if you opt for linen closets, garage improvements or walk-in closets, Millennial’s will love extra storage to go with their generally minimalist vibe. What they want is to have rooms that can be cleared to support many creative activities and entertainment events. So, make sure to stage your closets, clean out your garage and show off all of the spaces that can be used as everyday storage and storage for emergency situations.

Pay attention to your outdoor space


More than any generation in recent past, Millennial’s are in love with nature and outdoor spaces. That’s why they often choose to move from constricting condos to houses fit for gardening and outdoor entertainment. So, don’t hesitate to stage your exterior with cozy furniture, fire pits and even outdoor kitchen areas. Additionally, have photos of your gatherings over the years to display during your house showings. If you can inspire them to start planning their parties and family events in your garden, you can expect to make a good sale.

With these home improvements and staging tips, your property will not only sell quickly but also reach a very desirable price. So, get to work today and get ready to make a sale tomorrow!

Mike Johnston BloggerAbout the author: Mike Johnston is a lifestyle blogger and DIY enthusiast. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. He has also contributed to numerous other interior design, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

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