Stainless Dish

Stainless Dish drying rack

If you’ve got a busy household and you’re looking for an efficient way to do the dishes, then look no further than AS SEEN ON TV’s Stainless Dish Drying Rack. It provides ample space for dishware to air dry and drip-free of water after it’s been washed. Simply place the Stainless Dish drying rack on your desired surface and watch as all your dishware and utensils get magically dried by warm air circulating beneath them. The Drying Rack also features a recessed section that holds pots, pans, or large utensils at an angled position so that the bottoms can be completely dried out. It has a sturdy wireframe construction with two collapsible shelves and features a flexible, foldable design for easy storage. It’s also compact and lightweight, making it ideal for taking on the road or camping.

AS SEEN ON TV’s Stainless Dish drying rack takes your dishware and utensils up to the next level of cleanliness by keeping them drip-free after they’re washed. Just place your clean dishware on the rack and watch as warm air circulates beneath everything, drying it out as it goes. The Stainless Dish Drying rack is perfect for those who use hard water to wash their dishes because of its ability to dry things drip-free. It’s also designed to fit virtually any dish rack and will allow you to conveniently and efficiently dry your dishware and utensils without all the mess and confusion of other traditional drying racks.

No more dishes left watery or wet after use thanks to AS SEEN ON TV’s Stainless Dish drying rack. Whether you’re using it for convenience, to extend the life of your dishes, or just because it’s a great way to get things done, AS SEEN ON TV’s Stainless Dish drying rack is a must-have in every household.

Portable Wash-Ups for Dogs, Cats & Pets

While these are not household items that get heavy use, I thought they were worth mentioning because you’re not always needing them for short periods of time. If your pet is infested with fleas or ticks, you might need to use one of them to get rid of the fleas or ticks. You’ll need to know how to safely remove them from your pet so you don’t risk harming him/her in the process. From the descriptions I read, it’s best covered with a cloth and hot water.

All the products I tested were very similar and they all worked equally well. If you do purchase one of them, I would recommend following the instructions in the letter so you don’t hurt your pet.

“Pet Flea Shampoo Kit” $22.95

I have a Cat who was constantly getting fleas on him & it was driving me crazy! After searching high & low for various shampoos that could get rid of these pesky little ticks, I came across this kit. Although it is rather expensive for just one bottle – I have found that you only need to use it twice a month. I am extremely happy with the results I got using this product!

“Pet Flea Shampoo” $13.95

These are very similar to the two shampoos above. The difference is that these were more concentrated without having to use as much of the product. They worked just as well as the shampoos above – I would recommend this one over the shampoo if you are on a budget.

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