Stone Lamps In Alabaster, Marble, Slate Add Natural Beauty

Stone is one of the most interesting and versatile of the natural products. We love our stone counter-tops, back-splashes, and stone tiled showers. It stands to reason we want other types of stone décor as well. Natural stone lamps are more popular than ever. They fill our homes with an organic material that reflects the beauty of nature.

Stone lamps are available in elegant marble, earthy granite, and stunning alabaster, to mention a few. Once the stone is quarried from some of the most exotic places on earth –  craftsmen work these ancient stones into dazzling works of art.

  • Because stone is a natural material – no two lamps will be exactly the same. Each piece is truly unique.
  • When you have a stone table lamp – you know it is something that may have taken tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years to form within the earth.

To the left, is the Brimfield Alabaster Lamp by Decorative Crafts. To the right, is the Zulli Blue Agate Lamp by Wildwood Lamps.

Alabaster Stone Lamps

Alabaster has been used for centuries. In fact, it’s been revered since King Tut attempted to take it with him to the afterlife. It was believed that it could draw good fortune to the owner. It was also connected to spirituality and can still be seen in many ancient churches. Alabaster symbolizes purity and is said to bring peace and calm to the home. That may be true, alabaster lamps certainly bring beauty to the home.

This stone is among the most luxurious materials we can beautify our homes with and alabaster lamps are particularly sumptuous.  Alabaster can be translucent and that is part of what makes it so elegant and opulent.    Once more, there’s plenty of room for personal expression since alabaster stone lamps are available in every style imaginable.


Above is the Ziegfeld Alabaster Lamp by Wildwood Lamps (discontinued).

Marble Stone Table Lamps

Marble is available in dozens of beautiful colors and variations. The marble may appear as one solid color or it may consist of several colors – ranging from black, white, brown, beige, gray, green, yellow, and rust.  Marble stone lamps are one of a kind, compliments of Mother Nature. And that’s what makes them so valued and cherished. Marble is softer than some stones such as granite, but it is harder than Alabaster or Onyx.

Marble is a perfect material choice for Old World styles such as French Country, Tuscan, Italian, Spanish, and French Chateau. Yet, it is a great choice for Modern lamps as well.

To the left is the Marnett White Marble Lamp and to the right is the Montolo Marble Lamp – both by Uttermost.

Slate Stone Lamps

Slate stone is often gray in color, but it also comes in gray-blue-green with rust tones.  Slate stone lamps typically work well for a Rustic or Old World look.  They may be Traditional or Modern in style.  Like marble, slate is a metamorphic rock that is created by many years of high heat and high pressure.  It is relatively easy to splinter slate.  Hence, we often see slate used for roof shingles or floor tiles.  In terms of home decor, table lamps and other slate accessories often have a rough texture versus a polished one.

Slate Stone Lamps

To the left is the Slate Blue Table Lamp and to the right is the Slate Blue Accent Lamp. Both of these stone lamps are by Uttermost.

Jade and Onyx Lamps

You dont see as many table lamps made from jade or onyx as other types of stone, but they are another option.  Jade is typically seen in shades of green, but sometimes red.  Jade is an ornamental rock and is considered a symbol of serenity, purity, wisdom, and tranquility.  It has been prized by many cultures over the centuries.

Onyx is another ornamental rock that has been used by various cultures over the centuries.  It comes in almost any color – from white to black, brown, red, green, yellow, purple, and more.  You will often see onyx in mixed colors.  It has frequently been used for jewelry and it has a semi-transparent quality like alabaster.  The architect, Mies van der Rohe used slabs of this beautiful shimmering material on the interior walls of one of his buildings.


Natural décor materials abound today from wood and shells to natural glass, but you can’t buy a more durable or varied material than stone – granite, slate, marble, alabaster, onyx or jade.

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