Table Lamps and Wall Mirrors: Home Decor Design Ideas

We choose our wood and upholstered furniture pieces with ultimate care, why not our other décor?   Table lamps, floor lamps, and wall mirrors are the icing on cake.  These accessories enhance the other design elements of the room –  furniture, rugs, floors, walls and sometimes even the windows.  Read on to find decor design ideas using these elements.

Decor Design Ideas Using Lamps and Mirrors

When buying décor like lamps and mirrors take care to buy them to coordinate or sometimes even match your furniture and always buy a style that enhances your chosen room style.


While it is true that some contemporary lamps, for instance, can look very nice in a not-too-elegant traditional style room, in general, if your furniture style is traditional don’t go with a very modern lamp or stray too far from the style and “mood” of your room.

Also, if you have a theme in your room such as ocean or western don’t add something that is another theme, mixing themes rarely turns out well. Instead add something rather neutral and basic if you need to stray outside your theme.


The same can be said about mirrors, keep to your room style. If you love contemporary choose a mirror that is simple or unique in a fresh new way. If you are a traditional type of person you can go more elegantly ornate.


Decor Accessories as Jewelry for the Room

Think of table lamps and mirrors as jewelry for your room, but in this case your jewelry serves a purpose other than just beauty. Jewelry is meant to enhance what you are wearing.

In the same way lamps and mirrors enhance your room. It’s a case of form and function; lighting can not only help you read a book, proper lighting can open up your space and give it life and even make it look more large and open or smaller and more intimate.

The lamp itself will add color, texture, and artistic elements to your tables, shelves, or mantel. Mirrors also enhance both with their design and finish but also because they reflect what’s good about your room—be it a beautiful view, stunning art, plants, or, perhaps, what is on your mantel.


Just as you use jewelry to “dress up” or “dress down” that little black dress, use artistic or colorful lamps to dress a room where your general decorating scheme is rather basic. This works particularly well in monochrome or near-monochrome color schemes. And this will really make your lamps stand out so make sure they are spectacular.

Where to Buy Table Lamps, Wall Mirrors, and Other Home Decor

When buying good jewelry most people look to excellent jewelry designers to make sure they are getting the very best. So it is with lamps and mirrors too. Buy quality and you will never be sorry.   If you are looking for decor that you will want to keep for a long time always buy finely designed and made lamps and mirrors. See also Lighting Ideas for Bedroom and Lighting Living Room.  offers a full line of  table lamps, floor lamps, mirrors, and other home accessory products along with many other top name brands such as Wildwood, Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Free Shipping – No Tax.

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