The Best Kitchen Sinks: 7 Styles You Will Love

A kitchen is a place in a house where the foods for the entire family is prepared. The raw food materials and utensils need to be washed thoroughly to maintain good health of the family members. Thus, a kitchen sink holds great importance for enabling all these washing activities. Nowadays, there are various types of kitchen sinks available in the hardware stores, from which the house owners can choose the ones that look most appealing with the style of their kitchen decors and they also fit their need. The sinks can be made of different materials, which determine the costs of these products.

7 Popular Styles Of Kitchen Sinks You Will Love

Here are various types of kitchen sink styles that are used:

#1. Farmhouse Sink – The sink of this style is also known as apron sink, as it extends beyond the edge of the kitchen counter. The single or double bowls of this sink has rounded edges and usually installed at the center of the kitchen counter. As it imparts a rustic look to the kitchen and mostly used in the farmhouses, that’s how it got this name. These kitchen sinks are made of cast iron or fireclay, which are highly durable materials and can be cleaned very easily, due to their nonporous nature.


#2. Undermount Sink – This sink is installed below the kitchen counter and supported by the structures used in erecting the kitchen cabinets down the counter. It provides a neat and seamless look as if the sink is just continued from the counter surface.

#3. Flush Mount Sink – This type of sink blends perfectly with the kitchen countertop and only a grout line is present between the sink and counter surface for firm bonding between the two structures. However, this grout line is colored with the same tone that is used on the counter and sink, to make it well blended with these surfaces. Sometimes, the sink may be of other color, but matching well with the tone used on the counter.


#4. Island Sink – As the name suggests, this sink is fitted only on a kitchen island, which is a popular structure in the modern kitchens. Additional plumbing features need to be added to the kitchen island for installing this sink there. Various designs of island sinks are available for matching the wooden, stainless steel and granite islands.

#5. Corner Sink – This sink has double basins and designed to be installed at a corner of the kitchen counter. These two basins are totally separate from each other and maximum space can be obtained in the counter due to this sink. However, the installation of these kitchen sinks at a corner can be a quite costly and difficult matter.


#6. Top Mount Sink – This type of sink looks like a drop-in hole across the counter and its rim holds the entire structure in place, without any further inward support. However, these sinks do not have the stylish and contemporary look like the other varieties of kitchen sinks. The high prices of installation and easy accumulation of dirt in top mount sink make it much lesser popular among the common house owners.


#7. Bar Sink – This type of sink is also called prep sink, which is much smaller and shallower than the ordinary kitchen sinks.  Generally, a single bowl with a smaller tap is used for doing all the prep works needed to be done in a bar. This sink is ideal for installing on the patios and terraces, for extra services during family get-togethers.

These kitchen sinks made of cast iron, stainless steel, fireclay, composite granite, and bamboo are available for installation in different types of kitchens.  The cost of these sinks varies and depends on the size and material you can select the one that is best for your budget and home.

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