The Design Trends That Are IN and OUT in 2020

It is quite normal for trends to go from IN to OUT, but the beginning of the new decade is a joyous opportunity for the jubilee reckoning.  If you want to get rid of outdated design elements in 2020 and enrich your home with those of increasing popularity, we’ve prepared this list of predictions that will point the way.

old sofa

Pale is Gone, But not Neutral

It seems that pale monochromatic are taking their leave in 2020, especially gray on gray. Covering everything in the varying hues of the same pale color may still be soothing and calm, but is now deemed too safe as it lacks personality and excitement.

There’s a rising demand for rich accent colors and warmer tones, but that doesn’t mean you should play it safe with classic blue as the color of the year. For those not ready to part with neutral palettes, there are certain muted tones gaining popularity – dusty greens. From pistachio to olive, this rising trend will serve as a palatable pop of color which will allow you to stick with neutrals.

Round is The New Right Angle, With One Exception

Classicism is officially back, which means that arches will flourish. Of course, the clean-lined ones with smooth treatment and without ornate detailing, channeling cave houses of Greece. The same goes for the “fat” furniture, as curvy shapes are also taking over the upholstered pieces such as chairs, divans, and sofas, giving them smoothly rising and falling form.

The only element that comes as an exception from this round craze is lighting. It makes sense since the light fixtures can be a perfect subtle contrast to curvy lines. So the lighting in 2020 will be all about geometric shapes, especially in the form of pivot wall light which provides a compact and slimline accent. If you require extra illumination, architectural floor lamps with unexpected angles are also growing in popularity and could be used as additional statement pieces.

Imperfect Stories

This year the reign of perfection seems to be over. People feel more relaxed in everyday life inside an interior where nothing is too precious and are starting to live with pieces that have the patina and are worn-out to some extent.

Under the fading trend of perfection, mixing and matching the old and new is gaining popularity. This layering works best with locally made travel souvenirs as statement pieces. This allows you to tell your story through interior design, and most interesting stories are always imperfect ones.

Wood Instead of Industrial

This year has definitely persuaded us that we live in enough cold and harsh world, so the industrial design leaves the stage as simply being too much. There’s a need for spaces that will envelop and nurture us, and it’s quite logical that wood is taking its place.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the old wooden look is back in style. The rising wood paneling trend is oriented towards a modern home through a slatted, skinny style, sometimes applied at interesting angles. This makes the wooden walls unfussy and fresh, welcome in all spaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where they’ll bring extra warmth.

living room

Paving With Art

For the same above-mentioned reasons, 2020 is the time to say goodbye to the trend of flat and cold concrete flooring. People want to find new interests on the horizon and require bold patterns and designs when it comes to the ground they tread.

It seems that those designs and patterns have been found in Venice-born terrazzo flooring. Once a necessity to use odd-shaped marble leftovers, terrazzo flooring has become a rising trend that offers endless combinations due to various marble shapes and colors. Having a work of art instead of boring concrete is definitely a way to go.

Green Invitation

In recent years we’ve seen the rise in popularity of living walls and indoor plants, so it comes as no surprise that in 2020 we’ll invite gardens indoor. This rising trend that allows communing with nature in the comfort of our homes is already there, mainly in the form of small-scale plots. 

Accordingly, fake plants, even the faux ones, will be asked to leave the stage. The fact that they always remain the same makes them unwelcome since it is all about the plants showing the character as they grow.

As you can see, 2020 is mainly about giving up pale colors, straight lines, perfection, and cold and hard materials. In their place come warmer colors, round edges, layers of old and new, warm wood, bold designs and patterns, and indoor gardens. Of course, there would be no contrast without some exceptions.

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