Tips for buying the right shower door for your bathrooms

While a shower door is only a small design element in your bathroom, it shouldn’t be overlooked when making design decisions. In fact, picking the right shower door for your bathrooms is more important than you might initially think. Shower doors are a visual element on your property that is a long-term investment and something you will use and see every day. Here are the best tips for buying the right shower doors for your bathrooms! 

Choosing the right style & design


Shower doors come in a variety of different stylish and chic design options. Picking the right style and design that perfectly suits your home is highly important. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the different styles available and determine for themselves what style suits their property best. 

For example, Bypass sliding shower doors help save space in a crowded bathroom while a hinged swinging shower door has a more classic appearance but requires more area to open and close. Bi-fold shower doors are made of different panels of glass that swing upon but require less space than a swinging door. Neo-Angle doors are perfectly suited for a small bathroom due to the shape and design of the door panels. Curved shower doors are stunningly elegant but often are more expensive than other products whereas corner shower doors make good use of available space. Fixed shower screen doors give off a modern vibe to your bathroom but do not move, which sometimes can let water escape into the bathroom. 

Choosing the right type:


When designing and purchasing a shower door for the bathrooms on your property, there are a lot of different design decisions to consider. It’s not only the color or the material that every homeowner needs to carefully think over, but also the type of door itself. Framed doors are more limited in style options but are generally less expensive. They leak less but also can require more maintenance. Frameless doors are less likely to have mold problems but cannot come in a sliding door style. 

Make appropriate measurements


There’s nothing worse than putting in a large amount of effort into designing the perfect shower door for your bathrooms only to incorrectly measure the dimensions of your shower itself. A good idea is always to measure at the widest point in order to select the best size for your shower door.   

Choosing Glass Type


Picking the correct glass type for your property and your style is undoubtedly one of the most important design decisions to make when buying a shower door. The four most common glass types to select from are tempered glass, annealed glass, laminated glass, and plexiglass, which all have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Tempered glass is strong and highly durable, making it a good choice for shower doors. Laminated glass is even stronger than tempered glass but is much more expensive. Plexiglass shower doors are less common and require thick panels, but are easy to install and complete maintenance on. Annealed glass doors are constructed from the standard glass without the additional reinforcement that tempered and laminated glass provides. Many shower doors used to be made of annealed glass, which is less expensive, but is sharper when it breaks. 

There are also different visual selections to make in the glass shower enclosures as well. Clear glass is simple and transparent. Tinted glass offers a unique splash of color to your interior design. Frosted glass allows for more privacy when showering. 

Match the right style of hardware & accessories


All of the design elements of your shower door should seamlessly coexist with the other hardware and accessories already in your bathroom, and in your shower especially. It is crucial to ensure that you match the design of your door handle, hanger, lock, and other hardware options. Both the style and the finishing should be similar. Don’t forget to consider details outside of the shower itself, such as your sink faucet or the atmosphere of your bathroom. 

Choose the right glass company


Choosing the right —or wrong— glass company can completely change the final result of your shower door. It’s essential to do proper research into a company before ordering your product in order to get the best looking, durable final product.

At GlassGenuis, our unique online marketplace allows you to meet directly with sellers and choose the highest-quality product at the lowest possible rate compared to in-person markets and vendors. Customers can easily contact the perfect shower door vendor at their own convenience and receive the best quote for services. 

In a Nutshell: 

With a little bit of careful consideration and the right company to help with creating the final product, buying the right shower door for your bathrooms is now easier than ever! 

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