A room decorated in a luxuriously rustic style.

Tips for decorating a luxury rustic home

Owning a luxurious rustic home is a dream for many. However, if you’re lucky enough for this to be your reality, certain obligations come with the territory. Owning such a beautiful house puts quite a lot of pressure to keep it impeccably tasteful and properly decorated no matter the season. Merely throwing designer chandeliers and wall decor in the picture won’t do. Everything should be as cohesive and sensical as possible. Decorating a luxury rustic home and elevating it to another level might sound undoable. However, with well-chosen practical tips, anything is possible.

Learn about the details of rustic decor and what compliments it

Before decorating a luxurious rustic home, you need to be familiar with what the style entails. Only then will you be able to understand how to decorate it correctly. First and foremost, it is a type of style that uses different materials found in nature. This includes, for example, wood that’s not yet been finished or is roughly cut, stone, metals, and any other natural materials. Colors that accompany these materials are usually earthy and toned down, such as brown, gray, white, green, blue, and variations.

Pieces of furniture usually are massive, practical, and comfortable. However, they don’t look chunky or awkward. Lights are on the natural side as well. Accessories such as table lamps or bedside lamps are usually not too flashy or showy.

Nonetheless, don’t let this discourage you from experimenting with different styles and including other aspects when decorating your rustic and luxurious home. The primary purpose of understanding the basics of rustic style is to bring whatever you desire into your space without it feeling forced.

A room decorated in a luxuriously rustic style.

Using different materials found in nature can be a great way to elevate your rustic home and make it look quite luxurious.

The four styles

There are four main styles of any rustically decorated home, luxurious or not. By researching them, you’ll surely gain a lot of insight as well as find some new ideas for your own house.

  1. Country Rustic
  2. Western Rustic
  3. Primitive
  4. Farmhouse

Declutter before decorating a luxury rustic home

One of the best pieces of advice that you could get before decorating a luxury rustic home is to declutter it to the best of your abilities. If you’re organized and committed, you’ll pack and clear the space in no time. However, you need to take this matter seriously and actually be efficient and faster. More often than not, people tend to put this part of home decorating off until it’s too late. Don’t let this happen.

Bring light into your space

No matter the style of your house, using different kinds of lamps and other light vessels is never a wrong move. When decorating a rustic luxury house, the tone could seem quite dark. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by playing with lighting and accentuating different parts of your home to make them the focus. You can also use candles to amplify the rustic notes of your house.

You cannot only do so by using artificial and natural lights, but also by painting your home a beautiful light color. If you choose to paint your walls white, creme, or even light beige color, you’ll be achieving the illusion of expanded space. Besides, lighter walls significantly contribute to any luxury rustic home.

decorate a luxury rustic home

If you wish to decorate a luxury rustic home, using candles along with lights of other kinds is a great move.

Candles that make any home feel more cozy and rustic.

Mirrors are a perfect addition to any room

Without décor and details, a house is merely a blank canvas. However, once you’ve set up most of the decorations in your luxury rustic home, you can continue to play with mirrors and contribute to the lighting of your home. Using a luxurious wall mirror will make space seem larger while minimally taking it up.

Make sure that you have a consistent style throughout the whole house

A leather couch with a blanket over it.

Whatever you end up going for in terms of decorating a luxury rustic home, you’ll want to stick with it. If your style isn’t consistent in every room of your home, something will feel off. Luckily, you can achieve coherence without a lot of effort. By including tasteful wall art that’ll have an ongoing theme in every room, you’ll surely get the sense of continuity. You can also thread one color through the whole house for the same effect.

Having a continuous material, color, or any other aspect of style throughout the whole house is a great way to make your home feel cohesive.

Hire a moving crew for help

Once you’ve realized what it is that you’re looking for and are ready to decorate a luxury rustic home, you’ll probably need some help. There’s a lot to be done. This includes the packing of any previous possessions you wish to discard or store as well as transporting and carrying anything new that you’ve purchased. Hiring a moving company could be of great help in all of this. Pairing up with Homegrown Moving, you’ll be able to let this part of decorating and furnishing go. Knowing that your belongings and tedious moving-related tasks are in the hands of professionals will enable you to focus on more interesting things.

Match rustic and modern

Decorating your luxury home

Taking a luxury rustic home and decorating it is one thing. However, making it match with another, more modern style is a whole other ballpark. Finding inspiration from top-notch home design trends is a great idea. You can do this by using crystal chandeliers or hand-blown glass lamps. Just make sure that they have a dimmer and warmer effect not to stand out too much. It might not seem all that achievable at first, but you’ll slowly realize that anything is possible. All you need is patience and willingness to learn.

Decorating your luxury home, both rustic and modern, isn’t as challenging as you might think.

A room that’s decorated both in modern and rustic styles.

A beautifully decorated luxury rustic home.

Make sure that your own taste comes through

You can use sundries such as art pieces or beautiful lamps to make any space feel complete. This way, you’ll be decorating a luxury rustic home to your own liking. This way, your taste will come through much more strongly than if you follow the same trends that everyone else does blindly. You’ll feel much more at home if you decorate it by using furniture and decorations that mean something to you.

Author bio: Katherin Simone is one of the most accomplished interior designers in the field of rustic modernism. Although fieldwork is her passion, she’s found it immensely rewarding to share advice during the pandemic and has since written several informative articles to help those who wish to learn more on the subject.

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