Tips On Packing Your Lamps When You Have To Pack Them For A Move

People pack special items carefully when moving. They don’t want the vase that has been handed down through the generations to be damaged or to find their precious crystal figurines were crushed during the move. Certain household items need special attention during the packing process.

Lamps serve as a good example of these items. Don’t become overwhelmed when packing these fragile pieces. Although they come in irregular shapes and sizes, knowing the right steps to take during the packing process ensures they arrive at the new location in excellent condition. The following tips from experienced movers help in achieving this goal.


Start with the right supplies when packing lamps. Some individuals save the boxes the lamps came in and now serves as the perfect time to reuse them. If they aren’t available, choose cardboard boxes large enough to fit the lamps. People often buy boxes specifically for this purpose rather than using the free ones they get.

Besides packing boxes, lamps require packing paper along with bubble wrap or foam. Use clean, white packing paper rather than newspaper to avoid ink stains and always use bubble wrap to surround the lamps. This protects the lamps if they move around in the box.

Close the box with packing tape. Ensure the tape doesn’t touch the lamp, as it could harm the finish. Finally, label the box so everyone knows what is inside and that the box needs careful handling.

Packing the Lamps

Reinforce the bottom of each box with high-quality tape, even when those boxes are new. Line the box with crumpled newspaper to provide extra cushioning. Remove the lampshade and the harp or U-shaped frame responsible for holding the shade in place from each lamp.

Take the lightbulb out and store it in the original packing. If that packaging isn’t available, wrap the bulb in bubble wrap and put it in a box with other fragile items. Wrap the cord and secure it to avoid accidents. The easiest way to do so is to wrap the cord around the base and tuck the plug into the wrapped cord. Again, never allow the tape to touch the lamp’s finish to prevent damage.

Once the cord is secured, wrap the lamp and harp in bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Always place the lamp in the box base down. Use one box for multiple lamps, if desired. However, ensure the lamps do not touch each other. Place crumpled paper between the lamps to make certain this does not happen. Keep all parts of a lamp together to make it easier to reassemble them at the new location. However, lampshades should be moved in a separate box.

Ensure no empty spaces remain in the boxes. Use old clothes or crumpled paper to fill in any gaps. Doing so ensures the lamps don’t shift during the move. Finally, tape and label each box. Write FRAGILE on the box along with THIS END UP, and include information about what is inside and which room it belongs in.

Packing the Shades

Place lampshades in a separate box. With clean hands, remove the shades from the lamps and carefully stack them in the box by size. Only use bubble wrap or plain paper in the box with the shades to avoid staining them. Tape the box shut, ensuring it doesn’t crush the shades in the process.

With these steps, any person will find they can protect their lamps, chandeliers, and light fixtures, whether they are moving across the street or across the country. You’ll find this method allows you to reassemble the lamps quickly and easily so you can put everything away, relax, and enjoy your new home.

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