Top 15 Decor Inspirations From Dubai

Dubai takes pride in being one of the most dynamic cities around the world known for a perfect mix of new and old, innovation and tradition, and global and local. The same stands true for the home décor inspirations and ideas one can draw from Dubai’s exotic and diverse developments. From the typical Emirati designs and influences to touches of décor from abroad, Dubai will always be offering something to inspire some new ideas to decorate and design your interiors. Here we’ve shortlisted a few of them to give you a clear idea on top décor trends you can follow this year.

1. Elaborate Rugs/Carpets As Your Room’s Main Focus


Those from the Emirates always love to decorate their rooms through elaborate and enormous carpets where their guests and sit and enjoy their time. Choosing the right carpets to serve as your room’s focal point will help draw attention to colorful floor allowing you to go for simpler sofas and wall decorations.

2. Add Some Gold Splashes


We all know Dubai for the love it shows for gold and adding some gold splashes to your rooms will definitely give a more Emirati feel. A simple option would be to go with a small vase with gold flower or, maybe, have furniture with gold edges. The options are, literally, endless here.

3. Mix Modern With Antique


You can’t really celebrate the diversity of Dubai and its uniqueness in a better way than to come up with a perfect blend of modern and antique designs. Consider mixing traditional tables and cabinets with modern decorations and paintings for celebrating the mix of new and old in style.

4. Add Large Paintings To Front Room


Dubai residents who have the luxury of their own houses love having big front rooms where they can welcome their guests. This hospitality can be taken to the next level if you choose to decorate the front rooms with some huge paintings. You can always awe the guests with bright colors.

5. Red & Gold


Paring red with gold turns out to be among the most famous choices in Dubai as far as color schemes are concerned. These colors are usually used by residents of Dubai for creating vibrant living spaces, home library décor, or even bedroom décor for bringing out that dramatic flair throughout the home design.

6. Create Bigger Rooms By Covering Big Windows With Even Bigger Curtains


One hot trend across Dubai is to cover those large windows built into the Dubai homes with richly flowing or decorated curtains. This trend can be your inspiration for creating a bigger feel in your rooms. Allowing some bright sunshine in through those huge windows and fluffy curtains can create a bit of extravagance for sure.

7. Tea Sets For Décor


We know that Arabs really love tea. And you can always use cool tea sets in your décor for celebrating the love you have for the Emirate. Give a new perspective to those tea sets by using them as a décor element for your living spaces.

8. Grand Chandeliers For Simple Sitting Spaces

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If you’ve ever visited Dubai, you’d have been inspired by those bright lights and grand chandeliers which adorn most of the houses, public buildings and mosques. This inspiration can easily be taken into the décor of your home as you can opt for cool interior lights that serve to be the focal point for your space while keeping the rest pretty simple.

9. Incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Wall Décor


Calligraphy always goes hands in hands with the Arab culture and it’s always a great idea to accentuate your boring walls in the home with beautiful paintings featuring Quranic or Arabic calligraphy. This could be your inspiration for the hallway or some empty part of the home for instantly brightening things up with some intricacy.

10. Use Different Gold Shades


Yes, we have a variety of gold shades and Dubai really knows it. If you want to take some inspiration for your home décor from Dubai, you should be using different gold shades rather than the simple classic color. It will help add some depth as well as layers to achieve a chic and classy look.

11. Traditional Emirati Cushions In Red & Black


If you want to feel more Emirati than anything else, bring in a combination of red & black often used for decorating the nomadic tents. This will surely allow you to celebrate the beauty of UAE’s tradition and culture. A good idea would be to bring that color into your cushions, carpets, blankets, furniture for living areas, and even the tapestries that hang on your walls.

12. Typical Bakhoor Incense For Vintage Décor And Luxurious Smell


You can’t really find a better way of celebrating the luxury of Dubai’s perfumes than with conventional bakhoor incense holders. The fragrance is rich and truly Arabian and it will linger throughout your home much longer than those expensive diffusers or candles. They will also make a great décor item placed on a side in any room.

13. A Small Courtyard Or Garden In Middle Of The Home


Though this one is inspired from North Africa, the residents of Dubai are now going for those small courtyards and gardens within their homes. Obviously, you can go for this one if you have a home of your own. A small, peaceful oasis in your home will allow you to enjoy the tranquility of flowers and nature.

14. Wide, White-Colored Entrances


Strikingly white and wide-open entrances are the latest trend across Dubai nowadays. These dramatic entrances always give a more open feel to your home and can play a key role in creating fresh atmosphere all around.

15. Colored Lamps Outside Your Home


Exterior décor is also important for defining the look and feel of any home and colored lamps placed outside your home can go a long way for that. This adds some warmth and brings coziness to your entire home décor. The entrance or the front yard can be added with hanging lamps all in different colors ranging from vibrant reds and warm yellows to greens and dark turquoise. That’s certainly going to create a welcoming ambiance.

So, with these amazing décor inspirations from Dubai waiting for you to try these out, which of them would you like to go with this year? Make appropriate choices according to your needs and you’re good to go!

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