Top 2019 Furniture Trends

Choosing the right furniture can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home – too much or too big and it looks cramped and uninviting – too little and it can feel sparse and unwelcoming – so it’s important to get it right.

When choosing furniture you should pick pieces which are timely, functional and fit in with your decor – but if you go for classic, sophisticated designs it will last for years and still look good even if you decide to redecorate.

Just like interior design styles and colours, furniture options also change in popularity year on year so it is best not to go for anything too fashionable or extreme if you don’t want it to look out of place in a year’s time, but following trends is a good way to keep your space looking modern.

To give us proper guidance we turned to the experts of Such & Such and they gave us a list of some of the top furniture trends for 2019:

Blackened oak


this type of oak is an updated version of regular light oak and can be seen in cabinets and other types of furniture, to create a dark old world feel for cosy and comfy spaces in homes.

Opulent headboards 


the trend for headboards seems to come and go but this year sees opulent coverings such as velvet make an appearance, so that this functional part of the bedroom becomes a feature attraction with a luxury feel. Alongside these are cosy and comfy footboards – the real emphasis is on creating a really luxurious and comforting bed space.

Bold light fittings 


think about your light fittings as an integral piece of furniture and you can opt for large pendulum style fittings to create a unique centre piece – or go for bright colours and bold materials to help make your lighting stand out within the room.

Furniture with more than one function 

products_liberty_furniture_color_heatherbrook-entertainmentthink about sofa beds but with a modern twist – so chairs that have integral drinks tables, or sectional furniture which can be taken apart and built in a different way so a book case can become an ornament cabinet.

Hand-made pieces 


the blandness of flat-packed readymade furniture is behind us now so look for carefully handcrafted pieces which have personality and quality. An authentically made piece will never go out of fashion and if it has been well-built it will last for years and fit in with any kind of design scheme.

Natural material 

Uttermost Furniture

going along with the authenticity is a desire for furniture created using natural materials including natural wood and stone, moving away from fake plastic or harsh metallic furniture. It’s good for the environment as well as creating a sophisticated appeal in any room. For the more opulent approach, think natural marble for tables and worktops.

Curved styles 


chairs, tables and other pieces are moving back into a curved design trend, which works particularly well if you are stuck for space as a round table and curved chairs can be tucked into an unused corner. Avoid sharp corners and clean lines and go for furniture with sensuous curves and softer edges this year.

Detailed designs 


for chairs and sofas the detail is in the design with a focus on contrasting stitching or seams used to create impact, instead of bold colours or patterns for the seating and cushions. Look for cushions with hand-stitching or light embroidery for that premium quality look.

The Art Deco influence 


this style has been influencing the silhouette and style of furniture pieces, as well as the traditional pastel colours such as pink and pastel blue. Combined with more modern styles and darker colours, this themed furniture style can create a unique atmosphere and feel to any room.

Antique furniture 


for added depth and personality, antique furniture is always a great choice and this year is no exception. With the move away from mass produced items, to a more unique approach to home decor, antique furniture provides the ideal option.


This year has seen a real shift away from modern, mass-produced furniture that all looks the same, with people preferring unique, handcrafted and antique pieces to inject that much needed personality into a space.

But that doesn’t mean dark wood, large clunky furniture – think light and airy art deco style, or the curved furniture which echoes back to the sixties and seventies, rather than chunky mahogany.

The bedroom becomes a key focal point for many with an emphasis on opulent headboards draped in velvet fabrics, and foot boards for added extra comfort, to create a perfect cosy and relaxing hideaway.

The environmentally-conscious will also be happy to see the revival of a trend towards furniture made of more natural materials, including woods and stone – whether it’s a marble table or driftwood chairs – the move is definitely away from harsh fake plastic furniture, or the metal industrial look.


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