Top 5 Furniture Trends This 2020

Every year, people are always on the lookout for timeless personal designs that best capture that unique flair. Each year, new styles of furniture and color palettes inevitably make their way into the pages of magazines and across online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.


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The year 2019 has passed, so 2020 is nothing but a clean slate waiting to be dressed and transformed into the latest trends of the new year. With the few months in, one may have already seen trends that embrace a playful sensibility. But here are other things that will certainly create a big impression and leave everyone enraptured and swooning this year.

Out with the Old, in with the Trio: Cane, Wicker, and Rattan


Photographed by Katsia Jazwinska via Unsplash 

Pieces made of cane, wicker, and rattan are the ultimate grand millennial style that is starting to take over and impress those who were previously drawn to nothing but contemporary. Reminiscent of the furniture owned by someone else’s grandmother, these three have popped everywhere, from high-end furniture lines to retail stores.

That said, if one wishes to achieve this look inside the home, one may as well consider selling old pieces online to skip overspending.  Take pictures of last year’s old white drawers, utter final words to them before letting go, then go sell them online. With good condition and great photos, furniture can be easily sold to new homeowners looking to save.

Switch to a wicker side table to place next to the bed to bring in the natural organic ambiance into the home. Cane, wicker, and rattan are materials that will pair well with textures like natural woods, cotton, linen, and wool. That’s something to keep in mind while deciding which items to sell.

Traditional Decor


Photographed by Ula Kuzma via Unsplash

This 2020, the return to antique and traditional furnishings and decor, a feature that was carried over from 2019, is still popular. This trend does not have any plan to leave the scene because of the visual impact it has. It makes use of classic shapes, much-loved prints from established design houses, and decorative trims, among others, to make rooms feel exuberant,

Brown furniture is part of this trend too. Now, this is something that will never age. Warm wood furniture pieces and wood-cladding surfaces have the power to turn any room into a space of pure elegance. Furthermore, the added benefit of following this trend is that these items will most likely gain more value over time.

Imaginative and Postmodern Designs


Photographed by Jean-Philippe Delberghe via Unsplash

The incorporation of imaginative and playful edging on postmodern touches is one of the trends that interior designers swear by this year. The looks under this category do not only feature various brands like Studio Superego and Gufram but are also resonant in the contributions of vintage designers like Ettore Sottsass (who one of those who founded Memphis movement) and Gaetano Pesce.

As for the postmodern side of this trend, childlike objects that bring forth a sense of nostalgia are likely to appear more this year. Many people have taken a strong liking to this unconventional look because it references everyday forms. Items that belong under this group are future classics and have cultivated a strong collectible market.

Barstools, Everywhere


Photographed by Jake Campbell via Unsplash

If, before, barstools only belonged within the confines of the kitchen and dining areas. Today, these refined yet straightforward furniture pieces are no longer consigned to these parts of the home—2020 is the year when barstools can easily replace corner tables and even plant stands. The barstool’s structure holds many possibilities. It is not meant for just sitting on anymore. It can be functional, decorative, or a mix of both.

Sustainable Materials

As new trends keep on entering the scene, the more urgent the need to turn to sustainable options becomes. Sustainability, for years, has been an issue considered by architects and designers. As society approaches more eco-friendly lifestyles, people are adopting a more ecologically conscious mind-set than ever did before.

Today, there is a need to include an ethical component to purchasing decisions. This is being reflected in furniture pieces made of bamboo or banana fiber (also known as manila hemp).

This year’s rapidly shifting trends and changes that have resulted in a huge consumer interest demand change, a positive side that seeks to improve eco-friendliness and sustainable living.

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