Top 5 Home Decor Trends from the Eyes of Millennial’s

Lots of talks are around the corner regarding the millennial population. In the coming 5 years, the oldest millennial will be about 40 years of age. Days are not far when this lot will make up a considerable part of the population. It is needless to say that this generation is slightly different and has some unique habits, which are awe-inspiring.

They have great relationships with brands and their purchasing trends are something that needs to be followed to be understood. Social media and the internet play a crucial role in the lives of the millennial. It is from these places that they gather information as well as inspiration.


The implementation of gained knowledge and information takes place on various aspects of the lives of millennial. The best example in this regard is in home interiors and home décor. It is a well-believed idea that the millennial generation earns lucratively. Many among them already have had international travel experience as well.

The next question that arises is where do they spend the money that they earn? What are the areas in which they love spending money and what are the areas that they avoid? Well, on the many things which millennial’s love to splurge include home décor and interiors. In fact, the moment you step into the house of a millennial, you will know the same.

Mentioned below are the top 5 home décor trends which are typical of the millennial:

1. You will find technology in every corner of the house

The millennial generation has been born and brought up in an age of technology. And it is needless to say that technology is getting better with each passing day. Millennial cannot think of spending one moment of their life without technological gadgets and instruments. Even as an integral part of home décor, they would have technological wonders in the right place for the best impact. The advent of smart devices and smart automation has taken things to a new level altogether. There are units in the home which can be communicated with smartphone apps and make life much easier. Visit a millennial home and you are sure to find 4K television, smart thermostat, smart hubs, and similar things. The design of the appliances is such that they are in sync with the interior settings.


2. Clutter-less, minimalistic décor

Home décor preferences and tastes vary from one individual to another and also from one generation to the other. While some rustic home design trends involve using accessories of various kinds, making the space looked filled up; the millennial trend is just the opposite. Millennial emphasize more on the functionality and utility of a space. This is the reason minimalistic design, which is free from all kinds of clutter is the trend of the millennial generation. Another reason for this kind of décor preference is the scarcity of space. Using the available space in the best manner and creating an illusion of spaciousness is what is important. Modular furniture, hidden storage units etc. can be seen commonly in such setups. 


3. Attempts of reconnecting with nature

If you thought that the millennial generation is self-centered, you are mistaken. They care for nature and Mother Earth as much as possible. They know surviving without nature is practically impossible. And this is the reason they are finding out different ways in which they can reconnect with nature. Going out to nature might not always be possible, so they look at ways by which they can bring nature into the home. Using organic materials in the items of home décor or even the floors and walls of the house show their affinity towards nature. In the homes of the millennial generation, you are sure to find some kinds of plants and greenery, which is an integral part of the home décor.

4. The kitchen in the millennial home is splendid

Many have an idea that the millennial generation thrives on burgers and fries and pizzas. But actually no. They love home food like anyone else. And most importantly, they love cooking as well in spite of leading extremely hectic and busy schedules. They love eating and experimenting with different kinds of foods and cuisines. And for all this, they prefer efficiency. The kitchen of the millennial generation will have the best kinds of appliances and gadgets so that cooking is fun. The functional storage options, the minimalistic designs, and the energy-saving appliances are a must in the kitchen. This generation is also against any kind of wastage and will prevent the same at all costs.


5. Choicest use of colors in the home 

Colors play a crucial role in deciding the looks of the house. And when you visit the house of a millennial, you will be highly surprised by the excellent use of color there. The color here is not only of the walls but of the floor, of the décor items, of the accessories, of the appliances and everything else. Artworks are very common in such homes and you will be surprised to see the places where such works are installed. If the beautiful artwork has bold colors, it is placed on a wall with light colors and vice versa. The color choice is something to be learned from the millennial generation for home décor.


Home design and décor trends keep on changing and evolving with time. The millennial generation tries to accommodate the positives of each style.

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