Top interior design software in 2021


Software has revolutionized all aspects of our lives, and designing is no exception. You can no longer find any architects, civil, and mechanical engineers who design anything without the help of software programs.

Among all the tasks they do using tools, interior design is something else. Although tools can make the designing process really fast and easy, they can’t create new ideas for you. 

The truth is that interior design tools are here to help you visualize your ideas before building them and let you document your ideas and compare them. As a result, you can provide clients with lots of ideas and let them check every detail of the final plan.

This way, the misunderstanding between designers and clients will be minimized. Design tools are also important when it comes to pre-construction condo projects and assignment resales. According to Condoly, condo buyers can have an exact image of what their home will look like after the construction. 

Now, the question is which design tool is better for you. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 10 top interior design tools in 2021 to help you find the one that is suitable to your goal.


Google SketchUp is one of the best tools for interior design, especially when it comes to a quick visualization.

If you have an AutoCAD file for an interior design project, you can easily import it into this tool. Then, it’s super easy to develop a floor plan, build the walls, put doors and windows, create materials, and finally apply some special effects to give it styles and shadows.



Online tools are now really sought-after, and interior design tools are also starting to go online. Floorplanner is one of the best online interior design tools, providing you with all you want from floor plan software.

Using this tool, you can easily design the layout of your dream house without having to download and install giga-byte software. You can see 2D and 3D real-time design with many details such as furniture, windows, etc.

More importantly, all the main features of this tool are free, although you have to pay if you want to have a High Definition (HD) view or be able to design several floors in a single project.

Planner 5D

Another perfect interior design tool on our list is Planner 5D, an easy-to-use tool working with the drag and drop functions.

With this tool, building and moving walls, defining various items, choosing materials, colors, and sizes are really straightforward.

You can also use it on your smartphone, no matter if you have iOS or Android devices. So you don’t need to be worried about deadlines because you can even do your job when you’re out of your office.


It’s claimed that Roomeon is the first easy-to-use 3D Interior design app. It’s a perfect real-time interior design tool that allows you to easily design walls and furniture in 3D.

It has a great special effect called “Create the Mood” that lets you figure out how well your interior design will look like at various hours of the day.

Dream Plan

If you’re looking for a simple tool just for personal use, you’ve come to the right place. DreamPlan is an excellent tool for personal use that provides you with a huge number of objects to use.

It has a great user interface enabling you to resize, relocate, and rotate any object in your design. The important thing is that you can freely include several stories or floors to your project with a separate interior design. This is something many tools don’t allow in freemium versions.

There are several sample projects in the app that help you practice if you’re a beginner. More importantly, the software provides you with tutorial videos for each of the object’s types. However, Dream Plan is an easy-to-use app, and most of the users won’t get into trouble using it.


One of the user-friendly interior design tools is Homestyler which is created by Autodesk, a famous company behind AutoCAD. However, Homestyler was later owned by Easyhome.

It’s not a professional engineering tool like AutoCAD, but it’s perfect for interior design enabling you to make floor plans. You can easily define angled walls or put lots of objects to enrich your design.

You can have several options for starting a new interior design project. You can edit some demo projects provided by the tool.

Also, you can choose a design template or even start your own design from zero. You can see some demo videos to learn how the software works, although its user interface is so simple that users can easily work.

Design a Room

Design a Room is another excellent interior design tool developed by Armstrong Flooring. If you want to avoid the difficulty of starting a project, this is a must-use tool for you.

You can upload a photo of an existing room or even choose from template photos and start working on it using the software. 

This way, you can edit your dining room and change its style or even redesign the flooring, walls, and furniture. However, you don’t have the ability to customize the objects in your room except for floors, paints, and stains.


HomeByMe is another online interior design tool providing you with easy-to-use features to draw 2D and 3D plans.

It gives you photo-realistic renderings, which is great for comparing the old project and new results. The community of its users shares lots of useful experiences with this tool. It’s free for the first projects, and you can create a shopping list for the things you need to do.

Final thought

Interior design has become a lot easier with the help of software programs. You can use the mentioned tools to increase the speed and accuracy of your projects. Of course, these tools can never create deisgn ideas instead of you. So along with learning these tools, you have to keep trying to strengthen your own mind and skills.

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