Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

Thinking what’s the most suitable style for your kitchen’s not an easy task indeed. Several factors must be initially considered before you can come up with something that can improve or change the aesthetic quality of your kitchen. One of these factors is determining what’s the hottest trends available.

While classical designs will never go out of style, it may not hurt to try something new.  Just like fashion, kitchen designing have always provided us with tons of potential options when it comes in following what’s in for the time being.

But before choosing the latest design for your kitchen, you should be mindful of the following things to consider first so that you can prevent unnecessary hassles while doing the makeover:

  • Budget
  • Working area
  • Floor
  • The Layout
  • Cabinetry
  • A list of all of your needs

So, now that you already have those things in mind and you’re planning to do some kitchen renovation, here are 10 of the coolest kitchen designs that will remain young throughout the year 2019!

1. Open Shelving



One particular design that’s quite popular nowadays is open shelving. This is made by replacing the upper compartments of kitchen cabinets with shelving made from wood, glass, or metal. The choice of material completely depends on the owner.

The idea of open shelving came from those cabinets that can be typically seen in hotels. Not only that it gives that nice and bold impression, but it also enables the owner to change it from time to time.

2. Single-Slab Splashbacks


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Formerly considered to be just a mere piece of a panel made to protect the wall from random splashes, splashbacks now slowly integrate themselves as one of the vital points that can affect the look of the kitchen. The single-slabbed splashbacks are specifically good to have for this season especially because it provides simplicity and originality that promotes other practical benefits other than just keeping those tiles on the wall clean.

3. Combination of old and new design elements



Another interesting kitchen fad today are combinations of retro and contemporary designs. These can range from putting small modern equipment like coffee machines, induction hobs, cooking gadgets, and smart appliances on spaces close to classical style sliding doors, countertops, and even cabinets.

Moreover, adding ornamental decorations within the proximity of these things is highly advisable for achieving the best result.

3. Glass-front Cabinets


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Another stunning kitchen cabinet design aside from open shelving is the glass-fronted cabinets. The primary gist of this design is that having a glass panel to cover the cabinets helps the exposure of stuff stored inside the compartment that can add up to the artistic effect given by the glass itself.

It allows the cabinets to look cozy, clean, spacious, and most importantly, organized. That is, as long as everything inside those cabinets of yours are well placed and in order.

To know more about creatively choosing your cupboard doors as well as other cabinet styles and trends, check out this article here.

4. Green style kitchen


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The application of the color green (together with blue) has been described by some as the most influential color for a standard 2019-designed kitchen.

With rich, almost close to nature’s ambiance, green kitchens bring a relaxing and welcoming feeling to everyone. The green-themed kitchen is commonly made by incorporating the color on the most noticeable parts of the area, such as the cabinets paired with white marble countertops.

5. Bespoke style larders and pantries


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Bespoke style refers to a particular design made specifically for a particular customer. Given its definition, having your own personalized larder and pantries can be the best thing you could’ve done to your kitchen even when it’s already passed the year 2019.

Of course, depending on your choice of design, you can transform your kitchen from a mediocre to a highly elegant form of art.

6. Using Wood


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Regardless of the year, wood style kitchen will always make this list simply because this design is basically timeless – hands down. It may be true that wood gives almost identical feelings similar to green style kitchens, but it can never deny the fact that wood has been arguably the most versatile material known to man. If you wanted a cabin-like kitchen, you might want to use wood as the main source of materials for renovation.

7. Colored Upholstery





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One of the areas in the kitchen that is worth to be seen with a good combination of colors is the upholstery. Some of the most notable examples include powdered coated kitchen island pendants, blue counter stools, and a patterned roman shade. This gives off the retro effect as if your kitchen was a direct thing of the past.

8. Integrated appliances


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Just like in the past years, the existence of integrated appliances in the kitchen still holds strong as ever. According to an interior designer in an article published in,

“We will continue to see integrated appliances. We have hoods that are slim and turn on automatically that are stronger than some of the industrial ones we have seen in the past.”

Moreover, some appliances such as induction cooktops continue to gain the same popularity as before due to its ageless types of models.

9. Drawer pulls made from leather



This may seem to be a bit minor or simple change on the look of your kitchen cabinets, but leather drawer pulls are now slowly making its way on the most highly anticipated kitchen trends of 2019. This can be applied especially if your kitchen cabinet’s design is more inclined to utilizing organic materials.

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