Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

Everyone loves to eat, but not all know how to cook.

Nonetheless, most of us spend time in a kitchen drinking coffee or green tea or munching on a goodie to fill our hungry tummy. Some of the funniest and memorable happen here.

It’s just fitting to have a well-planned kitchen. Forget the trends lfrom ast year, the new year ushers in different ideas for the heart of your home. If you are planning a kitchen makeover or just want to be inspired here are some concepts to recreate your dream kitchen with confidence and ease.


Kitchen Trends of 2019

Natural Stone                                                             

People are blown away by the charm of the abstract resources that Mother Nature offer by using natural stone beyond countertops. Tall backsplashes that extend to the ceiling will allow raw materials to shine on their own. You can even mount drawer fronts and hood vents on the natural stone.

Clutter-Free Cabinets

The influence of Marie Kondo extended to the kitchen. No one wants to be called a “Dirty Harry” anymore they don’t want anything to show. Cabinets are used to store needful things and excesses are kept in the storeroom. Even countertops are free from coffee makers, microwaves, what have you it is time to tidy up.


Dark Cabinetry

If you are having a kitchen cabinet repair, consider dark cabinetry. It is an elegant option that adds boldness and drama to your cooking space. Timeless beauty that brings glamor to white and wood accents adding warmth and personality. Dark cupboards catch the eyes, enhancing visual intensity and stature.

Kitchen Walls for Storage

Kitchen space is a city dweller’s bane it is guaranteed to be tiny. But you have options for storage space like installing a suspended pot frame or maximize your shelves or store some kitchen stuff outside of the kitchen. And there are vertical spaces that you don’t have thought of using –  your walls.

People are apprehensive to store kitchen apparatus on the walls because it can be an eyesore and a source of clutter. But if done right, it can be beautiful and force you to be super organized.


Linear Lighting

The kitchen is considered as one of the most important parts of the house it is where meals are cooked. With creativity and renovation, a lighting system can transform your kitchen into a wonderful space and it doesn’t have to be pricey.

Try something trendy by installing light bulbs hanging from a brass pole. To make it interesting vary the sizes of the light bulbs and the length of the cord.

Think about a unique DIY lighting system made of mason jars. Buy some wooden beams, metal poles, mason jars, and light bulbs, and hang it above the kitchen island.

For people with small kitchen space, the perfect lighting system is smaller table lamps. You can put it on your cabinets and you can maneuver it and change the bulb for the right amount of brightness. Use it only when you need light.



A mirror can add sophistication, beauty, and many other decorating benefits to any space in the house, including the kitchen. For small kitchens, it can benefit from the openness and lighting it can give. While for large kitchens, mirrors can provide a stunning sight of the landscape outside the window, enhance the look of a piece of art or the color of a wall.

Wall Décor


Don’t waste space in your kitchen take advantage of those blank walls to create a captivating wall decor and amaze your guests even more than your culinary prowess. Do not limit your art display in the living room hang some of your favorite pieces in your kitchen. Bring out your fine china and use plate hangers to display those beautiful dishes and platters on the wall. Feast your eyes on beautiful objects as you prep your sumptuous meal.

Go Hi-tech

Nowadays, technology connect appliances and kitchen devices to prepare delicious food. They can automate portions of the cooking procedure, give updates on the progress of your cooking, and ensure you are following procedures to a T.

Check out this example where technology is integrated into a refrigerator. This smart fridge features a touch screen, internal cameras, and wireless internet access. This allows you to search for recipes, view the inside to see what’s missing while you’re shopping and leave reminders to household members.


What’s Out in Kitchen Trends in 2019

Just like fashion, kitchen trends come and go. Turn your cooking space into something visually interesting that will make every meal enjoyable and memorable. Bid farewell to the old design and hire a home contractor for your kitchen makeover.


Rustic elements will lean toward a modern twist simplifying the look. Barn doors made of wood will be replaced with glass and metal. The range hood enclosed with rustic materials will switch to textures like coated brass, stainless, and matte black. Edison bulbs will be concealed reducing the harsh light to a complementary radiance.

Statement Lighting

Avoid different light fixtures over your kitchen table, stove, and more. This look tends to confuse the guest like a sale on hanging lights, keep it simple.

Pot Racks

This will make your kitchen look crowded, it needs to be dusted often so dust bunnies won’t land on your island or kitchen plate. Use the drawers to stock bulky items.

Boring Countertops

Countertops are an important part of the kitchen make it interesting. Consider using quartz it comes in a variety of color and style.

Mismatched Cabinets

Upper and lower cabinets in varying heights and design are not appealing to the eye. It seems that there was no real thought behind the arrangement and the planning.

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