Top Ten Ideas to Decorate Your Home This New Year

Bid a farewell to the old year and welcome in the New Year with crafty and innovative home decoration ideas. Creating a more festive cheer and ambiance in your home is easier if you are prepared with creative New Year Decoration ideas. Leave behind 2019 and welcome 2020 with open arms, fostering in a jovial and breezy ambiance in to your home with these affordable and creative home decorative tips for New Years Eve 2020.

1. Brighten Up The Entrance


Since it is the New Year, welcome all of your New Years Eve guests to usher in 2020 in a warm and bright manner. You can be creative by hanging some decorative bells with gleaming and glossy ribbons at the entrance of your home. This decorative idea will add an aura of celebration and also give your entrance and outdoor design that is a much needed aesthetic and festive look. You can even add an inspiring New Year 2020 banner or use a bright hued runner in place of the door mat which would prove to be an ultimate decorative idea for New Years Eve.

2. Add Modern New Items

As the New Year approaches, new aspirations and new memories surround you and hence it is important that you decorate the interior design of your home with something festive and new. You don’t have to be lavish as you can go with a new and unique wall clock, a designer fixture for your foyer or some modern artwork for your walls. Be sure to change the old lampshades with some exquisite drop lights.

3. Coloring It Bright


In order to achieve a big change to the overall appearance of your home, you don’t need to repaint the entire home; instead you can simply repaint a few chosen walls with brighter color schemes. Make a few of the walls a main focal point of your space simply by including some innovative artwork. Do not forget to apply color themes based on vastu shastra for colors as these colors bring in a positive energy. If possible add wallpaper with decorative detailing.

4. Changing Pictures

The year 2019 is about to fade away, and so are the memories. As the time and memories change, the photos and frames should also be changed. Change the photos and pictures of a room with new and modern or stylish ones to change the overall feeling of the room.

5. Bringing Nature Home


Get closer to nature by including fresh flowers, houseplants and small flower pots in your home. This will add nice color and novelty in to your home decor and enable you to get away from those boring earthen flower pots. It’s a novel idea to check vastu shastra for colors in order to bring a positive energy in to your home.

6. Soft on Furnishings

This is another interesting and cost effective idea to freshen up your home this New Year Eve and welcome the upcoming year in style. You simply need to add some fun throw cushions with nonfigurative patterns or simply change the covers of your existing cushions for achieving that new look.

7. Embracing the Ethnicity

You can embrace the rich texture and color schemes of Indian ethnic style simply by adding antique colors in your bedroom or living room. And the interior design of the house should be adorned with more traditional art.

8. Quotes and Sayings

Writing quotes of some popular personalities on walls is not a bad idea for the New Year Eve decorations. Any empty spaces on a wall can be filled with sayings and you can also consider filling the walk-in cupboard in your kitchen with sayings and quotes. There are quote stickers that you can use for decorating those empty spaces on your walls.

9. DIY


You can even pamper yourself for New Years Eve by including decorative items in your bathroom, living room and over the fireplace. A beverage bar, with a television and a surround sound system is a few of the amenities that can make your living room a perfect place to spend the eve. You can also consider adding  electric floor heaters, a hard wired makeup mirror or some fancy wall art that will enhance the design of the home.                  

10. Go for Something Unusual and Unique

Placing some crazy and unusual items in to your home decor can give it a new look and feel to the space. Whether it is an oversized object like a quirky statue, a big globe on the floor, perhaps an upside down mirror or a hammock for the bedroom. These can go a long way to improve the charm of your home for the New Year. You can also add unique furniture in to your living room design, which will speak for itself. So, do something unique this New Year to create a unique aura and ambience to your home as you usher in the New Year.


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