Traditional Bedroom Ideas & Photos

Traditional Bedroom Ideas:  The bedroom below from a lakeside house incorporates various textures and soft colors to create this inviting space. Whereas most of the furnishings are Traditional, several of the accent pieces such as the table lamps and the wall art are more Contemporary or Modern.

Source: Tracery Interiors

Traditional Bedroom Ideas in Neutral Tones

Cozy Bedroom Retreat with Separate Sitting Area. Warm gray walls provide the backdrop for this cozy bedroom retreat with separate sitting area. Features include a white camel-back headboard, gray wing-back chairs, and white curtains. Whereas most of the furnishings are Traditional in style, the lighting fixtures are Contemporary.

Source:  Tracery Interiors

Traditional Lakeside Bedroom in Light Colors

Bedroom with Traditional Features and Eclectic Accents.  The traditional style bed is the main focus of this room. The round wood mirror reinforces this focus. However, there are several other modern and rustic elements that also give this space charm and interest. The tongue and groove paneling provides a coastal ambiance to this lakeside home – not to mention a lot of texture. A modern table lamp (perhaps Mother of Pearl) sets upon an aged metal bedside table. A modern bench accents the end of the bed and also provides additional texture to the room.   View Similar Table Lamps and  Coastal Lamps.
Source: Tracery Interiors

White Traditional Bedroom Ideas for Lakehouse

Relaxing and Bright Bedroom Retreat.  Love this fresh and inviting bedroom in taupe and white. The tongue and grove wood paneled walls are painted in a light taupe. The curtains and camel-back headboard are rendered in a darker shade of taupe. The white bedspread and french antique chairs in combination with the clear glass table lamps give a light and airy touch to the room.   Find Similar Glass Table Lamps.

Source: Tracery Interiors

Traditional Bedroom in White and Champagne Silver Gray

Lovely traditional bedroom in whites and pale grays gives a silvery look. A few pieces such as the bedside table and the bench at the foot of the bed are in a dark wood tone. The large pattern on the pillows provides a great finishing touch.  Find similar White Bedside Lamps.


Source: Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Traditional White and Gold Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Lovely Traditional gold, cream, and white bedroom with sumptuous canopy bed. The bed is certainly the focal point in this bedroom. The fabric provides lots of texture and the scalloped cornice provides pattern. Also, the repeated use of the gold frames add richness and additional pattern. A few pieces of dark wood furniture and accents add depth to the room.  Find  Similar Table Lamps.


Source: Phoebe Howard Interiors

Traditional White and Gold Bedroom Dressing Mirror Area

Traditional white, cream, and gold bedroom dressing area. The Contemporary make-up table appears to be a natural stone – flanked on each side with 2 porcelain or white glass table lamps. The repeated use and pattern of the gold frames emphasizes the dresser as the focal point. Except for the chair located to the right, this Traditional composition is symmetrical.   Find Gold Wall Mirrors.


Source: Phoebe Howard Interiors

Traditional Master Bedroom in Pale Turquoise with Sitting Area

Traditional Master Bedroom in Pale Turquoise, Cream, and White with Sitting Area. The strong symmetry of the bedroom is deliberately broken by the use of bedside tables that do not match. Brown and white furniture pieces are mixed together. Different types of window treatments are used. These and other variations make the bedroom more interesting.

Source: Phoebe Howard

Transitional Master Bedroom in White with Subtle Accents

Much of this room has a neutral color palette: soft gray, cream, or white color. Color is introduced with the pale lavender and pink curtains. Texture is added with the carpeting and bed pillows. The dark wood furnishings provide depth. While most of the furnishing are Traditional, the prominent location of the Modern wall art gives the bedroom a Contemporary ambiance.

Source: Phoebe Howard

Traditional Bedroom in Yellow, Blue, and Cream

It does not always have to be modern and that is what this traditional bedroom in yellow, blue and cream color attests to. With the pillows made from pale blue fabric, the smaller throw-pillow like ones made with yellow fabrics and the headrest made from a combination of cream, the bedroom incorporates both warm and cool colors. The 3 black quatrefoil wall mirrors reinforce the bed as the focus and give the space a rich accent.  The two symmetrically placed white table lamps, Rory Ivory Porcelain Lamp, are available.  Find Similar Mirrors: Round Wall Mirrors.


 Source: Houzz

Traditional White and Gold Bedroom Canopy Detail

Lovely detail on the interior of the canopy of this Traditional white, cream, and gold master bedroom.


Source: Phoebe Howard

Traditional Bedroom in White, Cream, and Beige

This bedroom is designed around the all the beauty and calm the colors white, beige and cream create. The bedding, made of many soft textured fabrics, is sure to provide warmth and coziness. It matches nicely with the soft honey stained wood furnishings. Their lack of bulk keeps the room feeling open and airy.

The adjacent upholstered side chair is a perfect addition to the room and can be used as a catch all or a comfortable place to read. The black ceramic table lamp gives a slight sense of depth to this monochromatic color scheme. Some kind of black interior accent is often a good practice. All in all this room provides its owner a place to come and rest and rewind.


Traditional Bedroom in Blue, Gray, and Silver

This bedroom demonstrates unmistakable impact that blue and gray can have on a space. The room appears cool and serene. The bedding mixes dark and light shades of blue that blends nicely against the soft gray upholstered headboard. The brushed silver metallic porcelain lamps with their glass cubed accents are topped with silk shades that cast a warm and comforting glow. Shown below is the “Abriella Lamp“. Together these elements create a peaceful sanctuary that ensures restful sleep.


Traditional Bedroom in Lavender with Hollywood Flair

Luxurious furnishings complete this Hollywood Regency inspired bedroom. The satin tufted headboard and sumptuous bed coverings as well as the mirrored night stands, plush carpeting and damask draperies bring a glamorous style to the bedroom. This style is further enhanced by the small geometric pattern on the chair and the use of mirror and silver finishes in the accessories. The placement of the round mirror above the bed provides balance and reinforces the bed as the focal point of the room. The round mirror is similar to be the Fortune Mirror. The large floor mirror is similar to the Omni Mirror.


Traditional Bedroom with Bedside Desk Area

Thoughtful selections increase the functionality of this traditional bedroom. The desk serves a dual or triple purpose as it stands in as a bedside table. Choosing a wall sconce rather than a lamp at the bed keeps the desk top uncluttered for use as a night table. The brass desk lamp with black lampshade provides for additional task lighting. The beautiful aged gilt framed mirror adds depth and a sense of spaciousness as it allows the desk to also be used as a vanity. The soft color scheme, comfortable layers of bed linens and the graceful curve of the headboard create a serene atmosphere.


Transitional Bedroom in Pale Blue Green and Beige

The ivory color throughout the room, along with the silver-framed, wall-sized headboard run the risk of feeling plain, but the soft greens and blues in the fabrics create a calm, cool atmosphere, and the matching patterns are delicately beautiful. The features flanking the bed, like the unique hanging chandelier above the aged bedside dresser provide just enough flair at the edges of this understated, heavenly bed.


Traditional Bedroom in Blue and Brown with Mirror Accents

This simple grouping of identical square mirrors is the perfect accompaniment to the bed. they also add an element of sparkle to the room. The blue wall and window panels create a wonderful backdrop to the silver mirrors and gray and blue bedding. The pillows duplicate the arrangement of the mirrors. See similar small mirror framed mirrors. The matching blue table lamps appear to be either wood or porcelain.

 Contemporary Bedroom design by Atlanta Interior Designer Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Traditional Bedroom Vanity with Mirrored Accents

Combining the metallic, reflective surfaces with light blue walls spreads the light throughout the room for a cool, crisp feeling, while grounded by the dark stained floors.  The large mirror framed mirror and vanity go perfect together, as does the classic touch of the makeup mirror. All of the reflective surfaces give a slight art deco look, like an old-time movie star’s dressing room.

Design by San Francisco Interior Designer Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.

Traditional Bedroom Desk and Curtains

A traditional secretary-style desk and cabinet like this is a glamorous centerpiece for any room. Far more than a piece of furniture, it’s a work of art to build around, with Eastern-themed painting on the interior cabinet doors that offer an exotic view into an earlier time. The classic pinch-pleated gold curtains are a perfect partner, bringing out the details in the cabinet.


Bedroom Vanity with Arched Mirror

With its gracefully curving lines, lacquered finishes and sparkling details, this bedroom is reminiscent of the Art Deco style. The monochromatic white color scheme is enlivened by the use of mirror, crystal and silver finishes. The lacquered vanity and chair are elegant in their simplicity and softly curving lines while the arch top Hovan Mirror defines the focal point of this wall. The modern crystal table lamp, silver accessories, and satin bedspread reinforce the glamorous style of the bedroom. However, walls in a different color than white would give the room more flair, maybe a pale gray.


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