A modern living area with some amazing lighting.

Unexpected Places for Amazing Lighting in Your Home

Although you might not be aware of it, amazing lighting in your home can have a significant impact. It may change a room’s overall vibe, highlight particular features, and enhance the personality of your house in addition to just illuminating parts that are gloomy. Sadly, a lot of people stick to the essentials – table lamps, overhead lights, and possibly a reading light – because they are unaware of how important lighting can be in defining the character of their house. However, a wealth of lighting expertise is unexplored in the homes and might ultimately showcase a completely different universe in your home. Also, there are numerous reasons lamps are the perfect gift for loved ones if you want to give them something special.

Five unexpected places for amazing lighting in your home

Any home needs lighting, but it’s not always simple to locate the ideal fixtures and positions for your needs. When it comes to lighting in your house, you undoubtedly know the basics:

  • A table lamp here
  • An overhead light there
  • Even a reading light in your favorite nook

While each of these lights has a specific purpose in each area, there are many more avant-garde methods to use light to decorate the entire house. Even though functional lighting is necessary for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it’s beautiful to add a few unexpected flashes of light to your home to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Here are some suggestions for bringing stunning lighting to unexpected parts of your house.

A little floor lamp

If you want to make a cozy interior, there are some lighting tips to give your home a relaxing atmosphere. Floor lamps are typically considered to provide overall lighting for a room or more focused lighting over a sofa or chair. However, floor lamps also strike a balance between a sculpture or object’s design and the practicality of light. When illuminated, these fixtures offer ambient “mood” lighting instead of direct or general lighting that aids in task illumination. Try placing one of these extremely low floor lamps next to furniture, in front of a bookshelf, or shoved into a tiny room’s corner to see how it looks.

A bathroom chandelier

A chandelier can be used in the bathroom area to add ambient lighting, ornamental purpose, and glitz to the bedroom. Shaving, putting on makeup, and styling hair are all given the attention they need by bath bars and wall sconce lighting. The area is filled with overhead pampering when a chandelier is installed over the tub, in the middle of the room, or in a corner! Install a piece closer to the ceiling if your ceilings are lower. Longer lengths could flow around the area if you have a corner location, adding sculptural flair. Remember the effects of the light source: The most aesthetically pleasing lighting alternatives are incandescent, LED emits the most light (and lasts the longest), and fluorescent is also economical and energy-efficient but does not have the same effect on skin tones. 

A cozy bed in the room.
Ambient lights can bring amazing lighting to your home.

Using pendants as bedside lamps

If hanging pendants from the ceiling make you more at peace, you can use the extra space on your bedside for more books, jewelry you forgot to take off, or perhaps nothing. The assurance that you won’t knock the lamp over while you fumble for your alarm in the morning will make it easier for you to fall asleep. Get rid of the table lamps and replace them with some that may be put at the ideal reading height and swing from the ceiling. To ensure they are perfectly balanced, take precise measurements or, better yet, engage a certified electrician. For example, you can consider adding some neon signs because lighting a space with modern neon signs can give your room another stunning look.

Neon signs “reach for the” and “moon”.
Neon signs can offer your place a different, breathtaking appearance.

Light Objects That Serve Two Uses

Who says you have to see the real light fixture when it comes to bathroom lighting? Internally illuminated integrated LED mirrors provide ample illumination for regular bathroom tasks while concealing the light from view. LED lighting is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens since it emits the most bright white light available. Bonus? It’s a one-stop installation with a polished, finished appearance because it’s a mirror and a light in one. It’s one of the more modern ways to incorporate lighting in your home, but unique.

A modern bathroom with an LED mirror.
Internally lit integrated LED mirrors offer sufficient illumination while hiding the light from view.

Artful Light

This is a more modern lighting idea that combines practicality with fantasy elements. When placed together, sculpture-inspired lighting fixtures combine functionality with aesthetic appeal and operate as a decorative feature in a space. Installing wall lights in both an entryway/porch area and inside on the hallway walls or ceiling will provide a seamless experience because many wall lights are appropriate for use inside and outside and operate on the ceiling. You might also rotate or stagger the heights along the wall for a unique creative effect. For a smoother-edged illumination output and a more uniform appearance, you can also arrange them in a row. The possibilities are endless; you can use one or group multiples depending on the available space

However, remember not to go overboard with the lights. You never know when you might have to move, and you don’t want them damaged beyond repair. Even if you pack everything perfectly, unexpected things can happen. So the best way to streamline the process is not to have unnecessary things to pack. So consider this as well when choosing how many lights you want to install in your home. 


By introducing some unexpected lighting, you may create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your house that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The possibilities are unlimited when you incorporate fantastic lighting in your home. And it doesn’t matter if you choose modest, understated lighting or opulent, statement fixtures. Just think creatively and be open to trying something a little unconventional. A little lighting may go a long way, whether you’re trying to illuminate a dim area or simply want to create a cozier ambiance.


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