Upcoming NYC Home Decor Trends

Concerning the fact that our homes are our sanctuaries, it does not surprise that we want them to be impeccable, warm, cozy, and comfortable in order to arouse only positive feelings in our minds.

*****     *  A living room decorated in accordance with the upcoming NYC home decor trends.

Hence, occasional focus on home improvement should not come as a surprise. Making the slightest change can have a fascinating effect on both your home aesthetics and your mood.

If you are an urban New Yorker contemplating how to upgrade your home design, you might find the information on the upcoming NYC home décor trends interesting, useful, and inspiring.

Monotonal palettes are a hit

Monotonal look is definitely one of the distinctive upcoming NYC home decor trends. Using the shades of gray, beige, or purple will give your space the richness and warmth everybody wants to achieve. Understandably, you can always add some details in bright colors that will inevitably pop up and add to the charm of your living space.  Finally, by combining the right colors with a proper lighting system, you will create a magazine-like living space you will enjoy immensely.

*     *          *   * A gray sofa by the window and some cushions in bold colors on it.

The monotonal look is currently a hit in NYC. However, you are allowed to use some nice details to bring liveliness to your space. 

White is simply not enough – glossy white is what you need

Unlike it was the case in the past, choosing white furniture items nowadays is simply not enough. Glossy white is what you need in your kitchen or the living room. This will make your home seem more spacious, brighter and considerably livelier. When combined with the right delicate details, these pieces can be a part of flawless, elegant and yet warm home decor. Choose an unusual table or floor lamp, or effective and eye catching wall art and you will be left speechless after seeing the results.

*     *     *     *          *     *   *Glossy-white elements are a trend now. 

From minimalism back to maximalism

The upcoming NYC home decor trends are introducing a serious change in the homes of New Yorkers. Maximalism is back and, with it, there are myriads of new ideas on how to arrange and improve your living space. Firstly, open shelves are gaining popularity again. You can experiment with different materials, colors, shapes, and decorations as long as all these are complementary.  Then, apart from the afore-mentioned glossy white, you can also use a wide range of bold colors, but make sure you avoid exaggeration and combinations too aggressive for the eye. Although it is challenging to achieve the perfect balance of these various elements, it is not impossible when you are focused and have a clear vision of what kind of effect you are striving to achieve.

*     *     *     *     *         *     * An open bookshelf by the stairs.

Open bookshelves are back!

Combining metals is a score

In the spirit of the emerging maximalism, we cannot but mention the more and more attractive strategy of combining metals. You can either choose those which are complementary or you can use the same metal but with different finishes. One way or another, you will create an exceptional ambiance both you and your visitors will love. 

Use mirrors to make you living space visually bigger

Undeniably, a great majority of proud New Yorkers live in small apartments. The lack of space is something a New Yorker has to fight on a regular basis by searching for various means and applying different strategies. While one of the most effective tactics is to use appropriate colors for your walls, there has been a growing trend of using mirrors to make your living space visually bigger. Although it does not seem to be a complex, hard-to-complete task, knowing how to select the perfect mirror is the skill you need to master. Only then will you be able to beautify your space and give it a completely new dimension.


Mirrors are an excellent choice if you want to make your home space visually bigger. 

Going natural is always in fashion

It seems that using natural materials and nature-themed home ornaments will never become outdated. Be it for furniture items or the floor, natural materials are always the best choice. The latest NYC home decor trends emphasize the beauty of wooden floors, petrified-wood tables, modern pendants made of branches, and many other items that connect us with the natural world. Bringing natural elements to your home is very attractive but only if you know how to combine them well. Should you need any help, asking professional advice is the option you can always go with. When the time comes for you to relocate to a new home location, reliable moving companies like the one available at will make sure all your belongings get safely to the new location so that you can arrange and combine them properly once again.

*     *     *     *     *           * A few pots with home plants by the window.

Plants are always welcome, even when the trends change. 

Using various textures is definitely one of the upcoming NYC home decor trends

By using various textures in your home, you are on a safe track to give your space liveliness and your distinctive personal touch. As with some of the above-mention NYC home décor trends, with this too you have to be very careful. Think and plan carefully before you combine rough and smooth or hard and soft elements in your home.  Otherwise, you risk making your home kitschy and in desperate need of de-cluttering.

What is currently very trendy is having velvet sofas and armchairs. A wooden table, proper lighting, some cushions, and a nice rug will give your space the warmth and coziness everyone strives for.

Decorate according to seasons

Experts say that it is a good idea to bring the outside into your home from time to time. The perfect timing for this is the transition from one season to another. Thus, NYC home décor trends also follow this rule. Fall is coming to an end, so maybe it is time to display some stylish winter ornaments these days. With Christmas approaching fast, Christmas decorations should also find a place in your home. This will put you and your guests in a festive mood and make you feel excited about the upcoming holidays.


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