Update Your Home with Spring Design Ideas

Now that winter seems to be retreating, spring is finally able to push through the dreary grey of winter. The days are longer, the nights are shorter, and this is the time when people come alive with the promise of renewal and rebirth. Time to update your home with some spring design ideas.

Spring Design Ideas – The Timely Transition

If you look around your living room and see pine cones and thick fleece throws, then it’s time for an update. Just as we go through spring cleaning, we must also go through spring decorating. It’s time to go lighter, brighter, and leaner. The deep and somewhat burnt colors of autumn transition easily into the rich reds, forest greens, bright whites, and natural woods of winter. But when it comes to spring, your color palate changes dramatically. Transition becomes transformation.


Windows On Display

When it comes to windows, not many people like to gaze out at the grey clouds day-after-day. The heavy drapes and thick shades help to keep the cold and damp out, and it gets dark so early in most places that leaving the drapes closed is the most logical option.


Now that we have sunshine and brightness coming in, it’s time to lighten up those window treatments. Think about warm tans, green, blues and yellows to usher in the new season. Banish those heavy fabrics to the storage closet for next year and break out the Roman shades, valances, or light colored blinds to let in the breeze and freshen up your home. If you stick with drapes, make them a lighter fabric and be sure they can be pulled or tied back.

Outdoor Florals Come Inside

Flowers say spring; they are the essential spring accessory! Toss the pine boughs and bring in the blooms. Update your table lamps with a gorgeous Weinmann Lily Lamp by Wildwood that bursts with blooms of pinks and greens. Ornately embellished floral tablecloths in bright patterns can hide what lurks below and update the dining area.

Cherry blossoms arranged in an informal vase brings the outdoors in to any airy room in the home, as do window boxes filled with spring bloomers. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, select one wall in a large room and accent it with a floral patterned wallpaper. For a more subtle arrangement, floral accents can be placed anywhere. Throw pillows in light pastels with floral patterns can update the room, as can a newly reupholstered arm chair that has seen better days.


Lighten It Up

When it comes to giving your home a lighter, springy feel, less is more. Too many items on display can make the room feel overloaded and heavy. Tuck some items away for the fall and reduce your clutter. Keeping the light and air flowing through the room is a decorating trend in itself. When it comes to the heavy throws and blankets that have kept you warm all winter, wash them and pack them; it’s time to bring out lighter throws in brighter colors. Say goodbye to thick comforters and bring in the spring bedspreads and quilts in fresh hues of lilac, pale blue, and seashell pink.


Refresh With Citrus and Herbs

Your kitchen is a great place to spring ahead when you bring in some life and growth. A few potted herbs can be a fantastic addition to your culinary cuisine, make your kitchen look brighter, and even help freshen the air. Try the old standbys such as thyme, rosemary, and parsley. Try some of the blooming herbs that add beauty such as Thai basil with its reddish-purple spikes, pineapple sage that smells as sweet as its name, and lavender, which is always a classy addition to your indoor garden.

Nature gives your home a whole new level of texture and life. When it comes to the heavy staleness of winter’s closed-doors, fresh citrus can absorb odors and calm the spirit. Cut up fresh oranges, lemons, and limes to put on display just before guests arrive. And lemons are amazingly powerful and natural cleaners.


Outdoor Oasis

Finally, you can create a special oasis for spring that will take you right into the summer. Perfectly fitting if you have a porch, sunroom, or even a nook or small area in the home near the windows. Wicker and rattan furniture with bright or colorful cushions gives you the feeling of relaxation and spring, while pink or peach will add a splash of color. You can also add in some Table lamps by Uttermost, including a shell or coral design can give you a coastal vibe. A perfect place to entertain, or a perfect place to bask in the warmth that spring brings.


It’s never too late to roll with the tides and change with the seasons. Keep it light, keep it fresh, and keep it clean to enjoy the best of what spring has to offer.



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