Water features for your backyard

Let your inspiration flow in the most amazing ways

Water features are a great addition to every type of backyard, no matter the size.

Water features can improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your garden, no matter if it’s big or small. There is a way to fit a perfect water feature even if you own a very small backyard or garden – all you need is a bit of creativity.

Water elements are always decorative and according to Feng Shui, water is a symbol of abundance and helps the good energy flow better.

It could help you attract money and happiness. Your own little wishing well or fountain of fortune? It is up to you to decide which style fits your backyard better.

Backyard water features are also easy for installation so you don’t have to wait for too long to be ‘’one with the universe’’.

So today we gathered some interesting ideas for creating your own micro-universe where the good energy is flowing with no limits. A place where you can relax, listen to the bird’s chirp and get away when everyday problems start being unbearable.

Your own oasis of peace, no matter the size can help you calm your mind. So when the storm is approaching, try to enjoy the rain.

If you have a small backyard that needs divine intervention, we recommend the following

Pondless waterfall

A customizable Niagara Falls for your backyard – not that loud but pretty majestic. You can have your own tropical paradise and enjoy the soothing waterfall sounds. And we haven’t mentioned the best thing so far – they are not just decorative, but also energy-efficient, low maintenance and easy to install. Combine it with greenery and your own little rainforest is ready.

If you have these weird corners of your backyard that are just empty spaces where you keep your brooms and gardening stuff – time for some clever uses of space. Turn it to something divine with placing a pondless waterfall.



Birdbaths are both adorable and very useful. They can help you attract all those beautiful birds to your garden. They will sing amazing melodies and they will stick to your garden more often. Your own little piece of heaven filled with colorful birds.

When we mention colorful – you can play with the colors of your little birdbaths as well. Birdbath design shouldn’t be boring. To add a dash of the orient – add an interesting birdbath with a mosaic and you will instantly get a Moroccan vibe.

A fountain of fortune


Fountains are simply classic when it comes to outdoor water features. Water fountains may vary with their style and design. Yet, they are giving a vibe of luxury no matter what. They are decorative and they will complement greenery and landscaping.

You can, for example, choose classic or contemporary water fountains. Play with the shapes. There are many interesting spiral fountains to match a contemporary or maybe also a futuristic style. Be daring – add led lights to the mix.

Water walls are also a great addition. Glass and water, it would be an amazing dash of elegance for your backyard and you will enjoy both your view and soothing sounds.

If you own a big, majestic backyard that desperately needs some amazing water element

An amazing swimming pool


To bring a new dimension to your outdoor living spaces – an amazing swimming pool is a complete must. Just imagine cocktail nights with your friends besides that amazing pool, getting a perfect tan or going for a swim underneath the moonlight? In the amazing blue rhapsody… and there is no danger of ‘’Jaws’’ grabbing your leg.

Fiberglass pools are very popular because of their attractive and luxurious looks. They can give your backyard an amazing new dimension. Just remember to consult a specialist for the fiberglass pool installation. It will give your backyard an elegant, contemporary look.

To keep your pool good looking – take good care of your pool maintenance. Use the pool cover to keep it from outdoor debris and use the right pool chemicals.

A floating garden on your own pond


If you want to have a more natural vibe for your backyard, it is time to create your own little pond or water garden. Contrary to the previous one, more luxurious water feature – this option is for real lovers of nature that want to have their own wildlife sanctuary in their backyard.

The best thing is – it is self-sustainable, you can add various exotic water plants. Your own garden of water lilies. It will attract more wildlife and soon you will share your backyard with various species.

Koi ponds are always very popular options, you will have your own koi fish or goldfish that will complement that fountain of fortune and bring you abundance.

A bath under the stars


If you are a purebred hedonist that wants to enjoy a bath on long summer nights yet the pool is an expensive option, we have great news. Birds can enjoy a bath, so why can’t you do the same? You can install a hot bath in your garden and enjoy the summer nights with a glass of champagne. Or if you want to do something creative – build a pergola and install an antique bathtub – all you need is a little plumbing. A bubbly bath sprinkled with stars.

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