Wave Goodbye To These 10 Home Decor Trends in 2019

Planning a makeover for your sweet home? Great! You may have screened the magazines and also have googled to figure out what’s next for the world of interiors? Well, we all love pouring over the latest home decor trends and buying choices.

But what about the things that will not be sticking with us in 2019? There are certain interior decoration trends that have worn out their welcome. In 2019, an interior that’s on its way out could actually cause your house to sell for less.

So, while whipping up your home into a shape, it’s crucial to know the trends to skip as well. This is why we rounded up the top 10 outdated home decor trends 2019 that you need to ditch.

1. Faux Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Trends


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After lazing around for so long in the glare of hype as retro cool, the nostalgic mid-century modern design is now ironically outdated. The never-ending knockoffs of typical mid-century furniture designs were so popular among the folks.

For a while, this home decoration trend was almost everywhere, but now the new home builders are already tired of the look. Also, Mad Men is now off the air, so it’s time to move on.

2. Nautical Motifs

Don’t you think the seashells, anchors and sailor’s rope belong to the actual beach and not to your living room? Even if you live in a luxurious, Oceanside abode, the cheesy nautical décor can be off-putting.

You can pull off the beach vibes without being too obvious. So, instead of that tacky nautical motif, include subtle décors like coral and driftwood or a color palette that will team up with your beautiful surroundings.

3. Tufted Headboards Home Decor Trends


Are you still stuck with the century’s old tufted furniture? Now it’s high time to ditch them. Although it used to have a glam feel at one time, now it might seem a bit stuffy. If you are a buff of statement headboard, why not add something that actually makes a statement.

4. All Show

Gone are the days when people were more into something fancy or overdone. Now, it’s the practical era of the cash-strapped buyer, so anything that is tackier won’t mix. Be it the oversized master bathtubs or lavish kitchen appliances, it’s out of the trend in 2019. You need a fully functional place, not a showcase.

5. Tuscan Kitchens

The craze of Tuscan style started in the early 2000s and hung on for longer than expected. A hint of deep reds and gold, oversized furniture, and oil-rubbed bronze reflecting an overall heavy, ornate look is not the trend now.   We can certainly witness its appeal in today’s kitchen. However, today, a light, airy place to cook may be preferable than a dark Italian villa.

6. Tropical Prints


Credit: notonthehighstreet

2017 was the year of pineapple, the flamingo, and the philodendron leaf. We have to admit we loved this whimsical and exotic trend. This home decoration trend created a vacation vibe, but it soon burned out. We can’t deny their appealing, fun aesthetic to bohemian-styled interiors, but the loud patterns feel good only for a season. It can feel out of place, once summer has passed.

7. The Basic Chevron

Chevron is a simple zigzag pattern that amalgamates two shades. Although it has been the monarch in the interior décor world for the past few seasons, now it’s faded. It was everywhere from lamps and lampshades to back-splashes.

8. White-on-White Everything

Well, we know crisp white is something that gives you a dreamy vibe. But we live in a real world where the things like errant wine glass can pose quite the threat to your new white stuff. Although the all-white look was all the rage for fast few years, the trend has changed now. Rich shades of brown, black, and green are gaining more popularity in home decoration world.

A signature black wall can induce a sophisticated look to your home while earthy tones like forest green and rust brown confer a dashing appeal. Instead of white interiors, 2019 will exhibit space accented with navy fabrics or moody blues.

9. Rose Gold


Credit: feltonconstructions

From your iPhone to the living room, rose gold is everywhere. This is why it is no more special now. No doubt, this metal will bring a shiny appeal to your home, but some designers see an end to this showy rose gold.

10. Granite Overload

Early 2000 presented us with a new décor trend that is single-material overload. The mass application of dark granite in kitchens was so common and popular. But now, minimalism is the key to look stylish, and hence a minimalist modern aesthetic with lighter materials might be preferred.

Wrapping Up Home Decor Trends 2019

It’s high time to say adieu to several of the 2017 home decoration trends. Ousting these earlier interior design trends may give your home the update you seek.  For More Information on Home Decor Trends 2019 Check out these Related Articles:  Kitchen Trends 2018Set To Wow  and Interior Design Trends 2018 and HGTV’s Designer Trend Predictions for 2018.

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