Ways to Use Your Christmas Lights After the Holiday Season

Christmas lights are a beautiful addition to any home, especially during the holiday season. Nothing is more exciting than that time of the year when you can bring out your Christmas tree and hang the perfect lights to go with it. If you enjoy decorating every year, then you may find that the lights do so much more than dress up your tree as they also give off a cozy vibe to your entire home.

Once the holiday season is over, your lights and decorations always end up getting stored for the rest of the year, and you would have to wait for the next Christmas to bring them out again. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can use your Christmas lights even after Christmas. Whether it be to add some fun to your home or bring back the warm atmosphere, you can easily keep your lights at home all-year-round.

Use Them as Porch Lights7966075bcafc3d4dbeb9c7c6c238d43c

Christmas lights can make for the perfect porch lights if you are hosting a night party or if you have friends coming over during sundown. You can add the lights to mason jars and put them on your table or put them inside twine lamps and hang them on your porch. These can make for the cutest lamps and will surely give your guests a good time. If you plan to do this, make sure you use wireless lights, so you do not have to worry about wires dangling everywhere!

Hang Them in Your Bedroom

String your Christmas lights in the headboard of your bed or hang them in your wall to accentuate some photos or other decorations that you may have. You can easily choose from several colours and tones to suit the theme of your bedroom or your preference, and even loop the lights in the shape that you prefer. These can add to the coziness of your room and serve as a light source when you turn off the lights at night.

Map Out the World

A fun and creative way for you to use your Christmas lights is on a world map that you might have posted somewhere at home. You can place a light on the places you have visited and slowly add to the map as you go to more and more places. Alternatively, you can also place a light on the sites you want to visit so it can serve as a motivation and bring out the adventurous spirit in you!

Indoor Camping

If you love an adventure and crave new experiences, then now may be the time for you to try out indoor camping. Try to find an affordable tent or borrow one from someone you know and hang the lights in the edges of your tent to mimic the stars that you may see outdoors at night. This activity is perfect for the stormy seasons since you do not have to go outdoors but still have your own little adventure at home.

Christmas lights may be called as such since they are hung during Christmas, but who’s to say that you cannot use them for the rest of the year? Hanging your lights up all-year-round can be done in so many different ways, all of which can spice up the look or atmosphere of your home. The next time you put down the lights from your tree, try using them in another part of your home and keeping them up for some time. Before you know it, you will see yourself doing this every year as a tradition.

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