What are the various aspects of kitchen faucets that impact its selection?

Knowing about kitchen faucets in detail helps in its selection by understanding why it would be the best one for you. Moreover, familiarity with the jargons associated with the industry should help to know what you are getting and how much useful it will be for you. Knowledge about the features and functionality of faucets, as well as its various designs and styles, will help to establish your requirement in more precise terms that would make the process of selection easy. 

Before looking at the faucets, you must first inspect the sink and its adjoining area to understand the space available that influences the selection of faucets. For example, if you have cabinets just above the sink, then there will be a limitation of the open vertical space above the sink. This will restrict your faucet choice as you might not be able to install tall faucets with an arc-like the notable pullout kitchen faucets or faucets that need wall mounting. Again, if your kitchen is small and so is the sink, to get the most from it, you can install a pull-out kitchen faucet that comes with a lot of flexibility and helps to expand the space by compensating for the small sink size.

Knowing well about the types of faucets and the nature of sink use should help to identify the faucet hat meets your requirement and look aesthetically pleasing while enhancing the interior décor.

Faucet mounting


When choosing faucets, you must not only match the style with functionality but also consider the type of installation which influences the faucet style. The two types of faucet installation are deck mounting and wall mounting.

Deck mounting

The most popular type of faucet installation is the deck mounting, which consists of installing the faucet on the sink itself on one side of the counter top. A pre-cut hole in the sink indicates the position of the faucet, and there might be more than one hole for installing two or three faucets depending on the size of the sink. The number of holes in the sink might limit your choices of faucet style. If you want to use a one-piece faucet that has an integrated handle and spout, then there must be one hole on the sink for the handle/spout and another for the sprayer. Traditional faucets with separate hot and cold taps would require three holes for the tap and spout and another hole for the sprayer.

Wall mounting

 In this type of mounting, the water valves, and spout are directly installed on the wall just above the sink. Wall-mounted faucets give a clean appearance, and the style is contemporary.

Faucet handles

One-handle faucets are the ones that have a single handle that rotates in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to change the water temperature from normal to hot and vice versa. Some other faucets have two handles or double handles with one each for hot and cold water. This type of faucet might include a sprayer attached to the side of the faucet or even a pull-down or pull-out sprayer with stream and spray options.

Some modern faucet designs do not have any handle at all as it ensures hands-free operation, which adds a new dimension to kitchens. The hands-free technologies used for these assets may either be motion or touch-oriented and come with both volume and temperature control, making these faucets a safe choice for homes that have children and elderly. 

The design of hands-free faucets integrates nicely with the universal design concept making living spaces more accommodating and accessible for every level of physical activity.

Sink use


While concentrating on faucets is normal during its selection, but even before it, you must consider the kind of use of the sink that influences faucet selection. People use sinks in many ways like washing utensils, pots and pans, dish cleaning, and some even might use for bathing a baby. The nature of the use of the sink and the choice of faucets go hand-in-hand. It determines the level of convenience when working on the sink. To accommodate the larger size of pots and pans in the sink, you need more space above the basin, and a tall faucet like the pull-out or pull-down faucet is ideal.

If you have a spacious kitchen, then you can think of a side sink together with a bar prep faucet. The set up helps to keep vegetables and meat separate during meal preparation.

Faucet styles

You will come across many styles of kitchen faucets, with each style have its pros and cons. Knowing the distinct advantages of each should help to match it with your needs.

Pull-down faucets


The high-arch faucets that look majestic are the pull-down faucets that have not only distinctive looks but also highly functional that enhances the kitchen efficiency. The spray head comes with an array of refined features, and this faucet is ideal for big sinks. Some models have enormous flexibility and can rotate through 180o to 360o, which gives much more convenience in making better use of the sink. Even if the sink gets overloaded, the faucet will not come in the way. The superior ergonomics of the faucet is an added attraction.

Pull out faucets


Pull out faucets are less popular than pull down faucets but most befitting for small sinks.  If you fill water in many pots and pans, but the sink cannot accommodate it, then the faucet is much beneficial as you can use it for filling the pots and pans on the counter top. The spouts are shorter, and the faucet does not have the high-arc design of pull-down faucets.

Hands-free or touchless faucets

These high-tech faucets are battery-driven, and people get used to it very quickly. The faucets use hand movement or object movement for activation without the need for any physical contact. This is useful in households with children because it saves water by preventing its misuse as the faucet closes automatically when someone is not in front of it.


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