What Is Knitted Weighted Blanket, Anyway?

What IS Knitted Weighted Blanket?

Knitting, like many hobbies, can be expensive. Add in the cost of wool and other materials and knitting every day is only possible for people with more money than time. Knitting has gained an up-and-coming alternative in the form of a knitted weighted blanket; it is a wool or yarn-based product that is dense yet light, made by knitting but without all the excess weight that might hurt your joints or back when you lay on it for hours on end. This increases not only the ability to weigh blankets but also the comfort that you can receive from them.

Why Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Many people use weighted blankets for anxiety. They are said to work by blocking out noise, calming the mind and body, and reducing discomfort. People with autism spectrum disorder’s sensory processing disorder often attest to how healing it can be; others use it as a way of helping them sleep peacefully throughout the night. It’s also said to help children with ADHD or sleep issues. Whatever reason you decide to use a weighted blanket, there are many benefits.

Why Is It So Cool?

Expressing your own artwork and creativity is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Knitted weighted blankets allow you to do this on your own time and on your own terms. For the knitters out there, feel free to create something that will bring joy and comfort into someone else’s life; you’ll change their lives by doing it, making these blankets such a beautiful piece of art.


The knitted weighted blanket is made of two different kinds of yarns: one fine yarn (called “substance”) and one coarse yarn (called “substrate”). These two yarns are knitted separately and attached together to form a blanket. It is then filled with the same substance, but here it is not as fine as before. Then, you knit the second layer of the substrate over that material, creating the dense blanket.

What’s The Difference Between Knitted Weighted Blanket And Other Weighted Blankets?

In an ordinary weighted blanket, you have a fiberglass or polyester filling on the bottom of the sheet. This fiberglass or polyester is a coarse-weight material that isn’t too comfortable on your skin. It is also difficult to clean. Knitted weighted blanket doesn’t use fiberglass or polyester; instead, it uses fine yarns of substance plus coarse yarns of the substrate, forming a soft but sturdy blanket that will not be filled with fiberglass or polyester.

What Are The Benefits Of Knitted Weighted Blanket?

The softness and the flexibility of the substrate allow you to move around under the blankets without hindering you. It also allows air to flow through so you won’t chafe on it while sleeping on your side. Such blankets are beneficial for almost everyone. Children can feel secure and safe under them; adults can enjoy cool evenings under them, or they can even use them for therapy or autism treatment.

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