When To Use Mirrors and when not use to mirrors

Interior Design; When To Use Mirrors and when not use to mirrors

I’m going to share with you tips on mirrors. When to use mirrors and when not to use mirrors.


Round wood mirror
Jeremiah Round Wood Mirror

They are not to be used in place of artwork. I know a lot of you say “oh” I don’t have a piece of art, I’ll just get a mirror. Now that is not what you want to do. Mirrors are designed to reflect abundance, that means when you put a large mirror on the wall in your dining room you want it to reflect a dressed table with candle holders or floral arrangements. Or perhaps you want to create an eclectic collection of porcelain ceramics, or something like that placed in the middle of the table. Whatever it is it should be something to reflect beauty.

You don’t want to just reflect a big old empty mahogany table top. By the same token, those of you who have wrestled with mirrors weighing 150 pounds or more, lifting it above your Mantle over the fireplace, and then you go back and sit down and look at it, and then you realize that you are reflecting the ceiling fan and an empty wall. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Reflect Beauty

Mirrors have to reflect something eye catching and worth while at all times, not just your pretty face. As you’re walking past it you are not a substitute for art, in fact the art of mirrors is what they reflect with the frame around it. that’s why mirrors can have the most outrageous wonderful frames on them because that’s the art of the mirror, along with the reflection that you see.

Mirror reflecting beayty

So again mirrors are to be used sparingly, and make sure they reflect abundance. The other caveat is you want to make sure that the mirror is placed in a way that encompasses the image of the person looking into it, and doesn’t cut off somebody’s head or at the neck. Because that projects a very negative energy and feeling. I recently walked in to a very tall friends home. I walked in and I’m only five foot four, I was immediately cut off right across the middle of my face. It worked for him but it didn’t work for most anybody else who came in the house. So it really needs to be something that works for everyone coming into view with it as a positive reinforcement .

oversized dining room mirror

There are mirrors and then there are mirrors. You know those amazing ones that have a beautiful shape that become a work of art or a focal point all on their own. there are even tiny little mirrors that look like a piece of jewelry for the walls. When it comes to choosing yours, we want to think about function and of course you want to think about the aesthetics. When it comes to aesthetics you want to think about what it’s going to look like with the things you already own. I have this beautiful classical mirror, imagine that the mirror is kind of antique, so it is going to do a little bit of reflecting which is its job. But it’s also a really beautiful piece that’s got some strength and architecture to it.

Another of my favorite mirrors is unusual from the 1970s. This mirror is by designer Paul Evans who is super popular. It’s hanging above my console table, with the mirror placed off-center. It’s a beautifully crafted patchwork mirror in patinated and copper, brass, and pewter – poised between handicraft and industrial design. This unusual piece is an great example of Evans use of Folk Art techniques.

Hanging a wall mirror

Over your fireplace is a great choice, but as I said earlier it’s too often reflecting the ceiling, which is usually not the most interesting thing. And if you tilt the Wall Mirror forward just a little bit, it’ll reflect all the beautiful things you’ve purchased.

Decorative mirror over fireplace

Leaning a mirror

A Leaner Mirror or Leaner Arched Mirror looks really cool too, and it’s great for reflecting things high up. It’s also a little bit more casual but you’re going to want to make sure it’s super steady if you have children. Or if you’re from California like me you’re gonna want to anchor it just in case the earth begins to move.

Leaning a mirror looks really cool too

Gavorrano Oversized Arch Mirror

Mirrors are not only a girl’s best friend but they are a homes best friend as well. They provide some very important elements to your home. Mirrors add lush and they create lots of space, as well as a beautiful environment. They come in many different finishes to go with your style. You can have standard, silver, gray tint, bronze tips and on and on.. And you can really make them a prominent feature of the home.

The bathroom is the number one space, considering they are without a doubt the smaller room of the house. Mirrors are that one way to absolutely guarantee that you’re maximizing that space and making it practically double the size that it actually is.

Your mirrors are really practical, and you can use them everywhere in the home. Everywhere from the end of the hallways or to just to open up that space. So when you walk in the door it appears you have this fabulous big open environment. You can get great views that can be used like entertaining areas. So if you’ve got nice views of the hillside or across the city, they’re a fabulous way to reflect that while entertaining as your having drinks with friends.

Mirrors on the wall

Altha Burnished Square Mirrors Set of 2

If you’ve already got a good view, Mirrors are a fabulous way of just doubling up on that. They’re really a spectacular part of your decor that you can add to the house. And there’s no limit to the different finishes available. You can get Rustic Wall Mirrors, Arched Wall Mirrors, Wrought Iron Framed Mirrors, Small Square Mirrors, Sunburst Wall Mirror, Round Black Mirrors or the standard Gold Mirror with beveled edges, or you can get polished edges, and you can get silver angled edges. There’s really an array of different types of styles to suit practically any environment.

Wow! It sounds like every home needs a mirror to create light, and space, openness and just a WOW factor. And they’re a really economical way of doing that in any house. I absolutely love the the concept of using mirrors as a design secret.

Mirrors can be a lot of fun, they reflect the wonderfulness of a life!

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