Why Wall Art?

Anything hanging on the wall is defined as wall art. It ranges from simple paper decorations to more glamorous wall paintings and pictures. A house without wall art can be equated to a naked person. If you are this person that loves the interior decor, the wall art is inevitable. After painting and putting furniture, the next thing to consider should be wall hangings. Of course, they must rhyme with your theme color or bring about color contrast. This depends on whether you want a single color or prefer color contrasts. Wall art can be put in the living room, kitchen, study room, corridor, bedroom, bathroom, and toilet. Basically, every room in the house should have wall art. These are some of the reasons why wall art is a must-have.



Do you know you don’t have to strain your budget to acquire wall art? In this technology era, one can make themselves their preferred wall art. Google has all those lessons, for instance, DIY. All you need to make a beautiful wall art is the simple materials to use and you have a glamorous wall hanging cheaply. Also, you can do it in the comfort of your home during your free time. Similarly, the beauty of DIY sites is you get to communicate to your visitors. What do you want people visiting your house to think of you?  What picture of you do you want them to leave your house with? What do you want whoever sees your wall art to perceive? Is it passion, love, unity, spirituality, warmth….name it.  You have the privilege to let it out in your wall art. DIY gives you the technique and the rest is up to you to tailor it according to your taste and preference.  

Beautiful wall art made out of straws. Notice that it enhances the background color.

Enhances beauty

Imagine entering a room to a well-decorated wall painting, an artificial butterfly hanging by the wall or a beautiful picture frame. Do you immediately get a feeling of what next? You think the furniture must be out of this world. You even start to wonder what other rooms look like.  Wall art can help complete the vision of the room that the owner has in mind. In case you want a contrast in color or a certain color shade, wall art can do that without having to repaint the wall. Besides, wall art can help emphasize your dominant color or just be as accents.

beach and water wallart

Create an illusion of a room

sealifeWall art can turn a normal room into something else that you want. If you want to create an illusion of a beach, then fill the walls with the art of palm trees, blue water, sand, sunrise/set, boats/yachts and any sea life like fish, whales, and sharks among others. If you want to create a music room, let the walls have the art of different musical instruments, people singing and dancing and musical symbols. Do you want to create a family tree using wall hangings? It is very possible. Just gather your family members’ pictures or paint them depending on your preference. Then hang them in any order in form of a tree and, voila! You have a family tree complete with roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.


Completes a room

You have probably seen rooms with just white walls. You might think either the person is still in the process of settling in or is moving houses soon.  It is conspicuously obvious that there is a lacking element. Interestingly when you check out this similar room after it has been enriched with some wall art, it will look complete.  It will be as if the occupant has settled in as opposed to moving anytime. It will look different than you might think they are two different houses.


Wall art can help tell what inspires the decorator/ owner of the house. Chances are, their wall art will portray their inspiration. Is it children, nature, animals, life experiences, motherhood, politics or spirituality? Interior decorators more often than not will draw or paint out of their inspiration. A person that loves nature will most likely decorate his house with nature-related artwork. So do musicians, animal lovers among others.

Vignette Framed Wall Art Set of 9
3d rendering by 3dsmax

Wall art pieces that can turn any ordinary room into an exquisite warm one.

Environment conservation

This is not a joke of some sorts. Have you seen wall art made out of used straws, plastic bottles, balloons, plastic pots, linen, waste CDs, cardboards and broken mirrors among others? Do you know how much harm to the environment these materials would cause if just disposed of? For instance, plastic bots, linen, and straws when disposed of don’t rot away. They stay in the soil rendering it infertile.  If it’s a lot of plastics disposed of in one go, gradually a big chunk of otherwise productive land will be eaten up by these plastics. So it goes without saying that making wall art conserves the environment through recycling otherwise hazardous waste materials. Now I guess you get what am talking about. More like killing two birds with one stone-make wall hangings to decorate your house and at the same time conserve the environment. 

 some of the materials one needs to make beautiful wall art. They are graffiti spray cans and a mask for protection.

As I conclude, you have seen that you cannot decorate your interiors without wall art. It will help enhance your vision of the room, communicate your mood and act as a source of inspiration. It can also help enhance your dominant color or just act as an accent to the less dominant shades. Most importantly, wall art does not have to strain your budget as you can master the simple techniques and do it yourself. Also, the materials needed are readily available almost everywhere .i mean who can’t access straws, plastic cutlery, linen, yarn and cardboards among others? So now we all know that every interior designer or an aspiring one should give wall art the due attention it deserves.

A well-decorated room with the right art pieces in the right places. Notice the significance of the wall art? If not just imagine this room without the beautiful wall art -got it? Yea, that’s what  I am talking about?

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