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Wildwood Decor: one stop for priceless aesthetics

Wildwood Lamps and Accents provides unmatched excellence for high quality decorating lights and classic furniture. This family owned business was established in 1900, and has been a staple in the wildwood community ever since. They have an extensive variety of lighting fixtures, lamps, accent furniture pieces, from traditional to modern, wildwood lamps are quality materials,  as well as seasonal décor items that can brighten up any room or space!

“Incandescent and Vintage Decor: A Wide Selection of Lamps”

Our wide selection of wildwood lamps includes various design patterns of Far Eastern and European artisans. We have many different styles, and can suit any taste. Our collection includes the selection that gives you the perfect ambiance for your living space, whether it is modern and sleek or traditional and rustic. Modern designs, traditional styles, as well as antique pieces made from sustainable wood by artisans who are conscious of their environmental impact. Wildwood’s inspiration is evident in their high quality products.  

Wildwood lamps are crafted from pure brass, iron and lead crystal, alabaster and other prime raw materials. Wildwood lamps also offer customized pieces for any personal needs or preferences: computers desks, dining room tables, you name it! 

Accent Lighting: Designs, Styles, and Sizes

In addition to lamps, many assorted accents furniture pieces are also manufactured. Accent lighting is a great way to create the perfect atmosphere in any room. Whether you are going for a romantic vibe, or just want to set the mood for an intimate conversation with a loved one, accent lighting will help you achieve that goal. There are many different floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps to choose from.

Throughout the years wildwoods has been able to provide quality designer items at affordable prices. A must have are their designer lamps, which are a special attraction for customers. There are customary hand-polished high quality lamps, meeting demands for handcrafted quality. The highest quality materials are maintained and designed with antique, hand-painted finish and also with a modern touch. 

Features of Wildwood Lamps

Hand polished, painted, antiqued, sanded and wired lamps with high quality materials are standard at Wildwood Lamps! These lamps are manufactured with perfection using prime materials for a unique designer value in every single piece of furniture or lighting. There are many assorted collections including table lamps, wall lamps and other indoor and outdoor embellishments.

Wildwood Lamps eye catching features are, varnished natural wood frames with  durable industrial finishes. Also, decorative accessories such as chandeliers, various lamp styles, and specialty candle holders to match your dream home.

Often, exterior and interior architecture are overlooked. These features can make or break a space with its personality. This is why this articles offers elegant, decorative lamps to fit any style for the indoors and outdoors. 

Exotic designs 

The distinction in authentic quality is collected from different corners of the world. These lamps are made by American craftsmen with today’s demand in fashion and trend that accentuates any room. 

One of the particular designs of lamps is the kutani porcelains. These are the Japanese crafts with high quality Japanese markings, with a history of over 350 years.They come in many ceramic forms, metals or any other base wares. These have been passed down for generations, which include bold design patterns and colors like red, blue, green, purple, yellow etc. with depiction of people, nature or earth pieces. 

Other designer pieces include Germany and Florentine toleware on wooden or metal finishes. The modern day tole designs are made with acrylic paints. The unique designs make the lamps more aesthetic and worth the money. 

The kutani japanese porcelains have a bold color palette with an Asian influence, the German toleware is more classic and simple while maintaining its own unique style. These designs were adopted from across the world in different colors and patterns which can be seen when you look at these pieces of art up close.

All pieces are curate with individual attention and detail. This is the secret for beautiful products and their wide repertory. Thus, a a treasure trove of variety is attained. The rich essence of hand finished mountings on the lamps evolves traditionally. You can either add these lamps to your collection or invest as gifts for your loved ones.

Pursue perfection

Wildwood lamps has a vast collection and inventory to choose from. The price you invest is always worth it. With Wildwood lamps, there’s no reason to pass by this buying opportunity. 

Choosing a lamp can be overwhelming. With so many options, it’s easy to choose the wrong one and regret your purchase later. However, when you choose from our collection of lamps, you are choosing not just a product but an aesthetic collectible piece that will reflect your personality and suit your needs. The pursuit of perfection never ends at products; we want to ensure that every customer will have the perfect experience wtih us as well. 

We pursue value in aesthetics in each piece, as well as high quality functionality. It’s our job to craft beautiful designs with exquisite materials that will last a long time. We always strive to provide quality products and service above and beyond anyone else in this industry!

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