Winter Hacks: How to Make Your Dwelling Comfortable

As the nights get longer than the days, it can be tough to stay comfortable and in high spirits in the evenings when the temperature dips. Consequently, most people spend their time indoors during winters.

Everyone desires to own a home that offers comfort and warmth to its occupants, enabling them to stay cozy and enjoy the dreariest of the winter months.


Get your home ready for the wintry weather and convert it into a snug and welcoming sanctuary. The valuable tips shared in this post will help you add warmth and a luxurious appeal to your dwelling as you deal with the chilly season.

1. Employ Warm Colours in the Interior

Colors are a critical aspect of the interior décor as they evoke a variety of feelings.

Cool hues of blue, green, and purple relate to water, sky, ice, or snow and make the room appear cold, large, and airy. On the other hand, warm shades of yellow, orange, brown, and red relate to sunlight and heat, adding warmth and making the room feel small and snug.

If you’re renovating your home, use warm earthy hues like gold, brass, orange, chestnut, mustard, and brown to invite elegance and comfort in the interior décor.


If your home color palette is on the cooler side (blue, black, and grey), consider offsetting the cool tones with warm décor element, such as knitted blankets, furry rugs, and throw pillows. Soft textures and warm colors instantly add an inviting feel to the room.

2. Layer Textures Like a Pro

Layering home décor elements not only adds dimension to the room but also helps the interior provide the maximum level of warmth and comfort. Add functional and decorative textures to make your space snug and welcoming.

Consider layering curtains and invest in a variety of throw pillows, rugs, and blankets in different textures. An instant way to add softness to large windows is to layer sheer and opaque curtains and warm velvet drapes, making the room look luxurious.

Similarly, a couch in the living room can be made more inviting by adding a layer of snugly throw pillows and furry cushions. Hard chairs, stools, and wooden benches can be made more comfortable using plush throw blankets and faux fur.


Stack a few flannels or woolen crochet blankets near the couch or the fireplace to make people feel welcome the moment they enter the room.

Use sisal and flat-weave carpets to offer warmth around the sitting area and strategic locations like the coffee table, bedside, or the kitchen sink.

Invest in a variety of fabrics, such as velvet, leather, Nubby Bouclé, and faux fur that are timeless additions to any interior, adding depth and an extra touch of comfort to your house in winter.

3.  Add a Mudroom to Keep the Winter Mess Out

A mudroom is a secondary entrance for your home, allowing people to get rid of the snow, frozen rain, or mud on their boots before entering it. Having a mudroom along the entryway will not only keep the interior clean and protected from the winter muck, but also lend a warm and cozy feeling to the house.


Consider making space for a mudroom along your home entrance and include a bench to allow visitors to sit and take off their shoes. Add plenty of hooks and racks in this space, enabling people to store their boots, bags, and coats.

If you do not have enough space to build a separate mudroom, you can add a few hooks, a chair, and baskets to your entryway or behind the stairway.

Encourage your guests to leave their wet and dirt-clad shoes at the entrance by offering them cozy slippers to wear in the house.

4. Enhance Your Home’s Lighting

Warm up your home interior by adding soft glow lights in various areas of the rooms. Install bright lights in the living room or the kitchen, where larger gatherings are anticipated, and dim lights in quiet spaces of the house like the bedroom.


A stunning ceiling light fixture can spread light from all angles, illuminating the various layers of blankets, rugs, and curtains in the room. Besides, lamps and wall sconces offer indirect light, creating the perfect environment to cuddle up under a blanket with a book or chat with a loved one.

Scented candles also render an extra-cozy feel to the room by giving off warm light and aroma. Invest in a few to add exuberance to your living space and make it welcoming.

5. Invest in HVAC Maintenance

Keeping the house warm and comfortable in the winter can attract heavy utility bills if the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is not working efficiently.

Involve an HVAC expert to tune the system for optimal performance in winters. A thorough HVAC system assessment involves checking and changing the air filter, upgrading the home’s insulation, sealing air leaks around the doors and windows, eliminating sources of drafts, and repairing the furnace and water boiler.

New-age HVAC appliances are energy-efficient and can help keep your home interior warm and cozy throughout the winter. If your home’s HVAC system is over ten years old, consider investing in the latest Energy Star models that can cut down your utility bills and maximize the heating efficiency.


If you have a fireplace, consult a neighborhood chimney sweep to get rid of the soot and debris. Local chimney sweeps often offer tailored services to households depending on the severity of winter in the region.

For instance, if you are looking for an expert in chimney repair in Seattle, only a local chimney sweep can inspect your hearth and prepare it for temperatures as low as 30F in the state of Washington.

You and your family will probably spend most of your time indoors during the dull winter season, curled up in a blanket next to your fireplace. Make these moments comfortable for your family and guests using the effective winter hacks shared in this post.

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