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Chrome Nickel Floor Lamps

Whether your taste is Contemporary, Modern or a Traditional style interior, our nickel or chrome floor lamps add a “cool” silver tone metal accent. We offer a range of fixed-arm, swing-arm, and adjustable-arm floor lamps at discount prices.  Free Shipping, No Tax.

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Chrome or Nickel is a cool color metal that is lively, playful, and animated and it is typically associated with a sleek and Modern style. In recent decades, this silver color metal has become very popular – even for Traditional style interiors.

The chrome plating process gives metal an impressive appearance that provides a slight blue shine, while nickel plating provides a natural yellow or even a whitish appearance.

The brilliance of chrome often provides a cool, more sophisticated look to a rooms decor, and nickel provides a more cozy feel displaying a warmer color.

Chrome or Nickel Floor Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office

Like many design methods, lighting fixture finishes come in to fashion and go out out of fashion. Two popular finishes today are brushed nickel and polished chrome. Both nickel and chrome are lovely and relatively easy to match with most styles of interior design.

While there was a time when a nickel finish was more expensive than a chrome finish, today the two are nearly equal.  Homeowners and design enthusiasts we work with choose nickel finishes slightly more often, but brushed or polished chrome also remains very popular.


Polished chrome or nickel finishes will add sparkle and liveliness to any space whereas matte finishes will add a sense of calmness and a more soft appearance. We offer nickel and chrome floor lamps in ModernContemporary, and Traditional styles.