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Metal Floor Lamps

Use a metal floor lamp to tie together other metal accents in your space. Other metals in your room might include a nearby chandelier, metal furniture accents, table lamps, or wall sconces. Usually, try to stay with one dominant metal type for any space.

Mixed metal finishes can create an elegant, bold look that can be very easy to incorporate into your decor. With a couple simple tips, we will demonstrate to you how you can design your space with metal floor lamps and light fixtures like a pro.

28138-1-ccMetal Combinations and Tones

Cool Tones: Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Satin Nickel.

Warm Tones: Brass, Gold, Copper.

Neutral Tones: Black Metals, Cast iron.

Metal finishes are easy to design a space with when you know how to coordinate tones. If your main metal is a cooler color, you should go with warmer accents around it, and if you use a dominating warm color, accent around it with cooler tones. Both cooler and warmer colors go well with neutral metals. It’s better to choose 2 or 3 metals that you like in order to mix and match to create a more interesting decor, without over doing it.

Floor Lamps & Mixed Metal Finishes

Some favorites of ours take the guesswork out. Mixing metals by combining 2 or 3 around a single light fixture or floor lamp can work nicely. When choosing a light fixture or floor lamp with multiple finishes, it’s best to use the same coordinating combination of metal finishes throughout the entire space. If the floor lamp’s main finish is black and the accent colors are brass, use the black floor lamp as the dominant color and the brass as an accent color.

Metal Floor Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office

Our metal floor lamps feature brass, chrome, nickel, wrought iron, or other metal finishes in Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary styles. Many of the more expensive lamps are made from solid brass. offers free shipping and no tax.