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WALL ART BY THEME:  Are you bored with your room? Are you looking for a way to liven it up, give it new life, add some serious (or perhaps whimsical) personality? Why not just change your theme? Giving your room a theme is fun and if it’s a theme close to your heart it is a way to inject a little of your personality into the room. Rooms should always reflect the owners. We have a theme for you. Choose from 15 general categories from animals to vintage and dozens of terrific art prints and paintings within each.

Wall Art Themes

Our themes range from Abstract to Vintage and everything else between.  If you have a Coastal theme, you may find just what you are looking for under that theme.  But, please be sure to check out other themes – where you may find the perfect piece of wall art.

Tip for Hanging Wall Art

Here’s a trick designers use. Typically, art should be hung at eye level.  Hang your art 57” from the center of the art piece from the floor.

  • Measure and lightly mark with a pencil 57” from the floor.
  • Measure your art print and divide by two. So if it’s 30” tall, 15″ will be your center.
  • Measure from top of print to the hanging wire. Assume 2″ here. 

Subtract the measurement from top of print to hanging wire (2″) from ½ of the height (15″ in this case) to find the nail or hook location: 15″ – 2″ = 13″  This will tell you how far above your 57” mark your nail or hook will go. Lightly mark your nail or hook location: 70″ from the floor in this example.