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Novelty Lamps


Many types of table lamps are usually meant to enable you to see better, novelty lamps are not just for task lighting they are also for fun. 

Since these lamps are “ for fun,” you have many choices when choosing one If you go for a modern industrial look for your novelty lamp, try choosing a lamp with a single Edison bulb with a wood base.

They also create a warm accent glow that’s always welcoming.


Providing a nice warm glow to a drab corner, or accents a fire place mantel, or a work of art or on a table. They break up a larger room into smaller spaces and define various areas of your home like reading nooks or a quaint conversation space. Providing accent light when you need it to read that important document or the latest novel by your favorite author. The most popular type of light for nearly every room in your home. has thousands of novelty lighting to choose from so you’re sure to find a lamp that’s the right, style, and color. Whether for your bedroom, living room, or a dining room you are sure to find the perfect novelty table light. If you are not sure how that novelty table lamp will look in your own home –  try our free visualization service.

How To Choose a Novelty Table Lamp

A frequently asked question we get  – Are novelty table lamps small? Generally yes, novelty lamps should stand between 58-64″ in height from the floor surface. And, table and floor lamps should also be in this height range. It will provide a good design flow to your room.

So – if you’re table is 30″ in high,  the novelty table lamp should be between 28″- 34″ to the top of the  finial. You may want to take that into consideration when you are seated – you should not see the bulb or socket.

Size and Shape

Accent table light create beautiful ambiance in your space and offer an easy way to give your decor a nice variation. Pair matching novelty table lamps on a night table in your bedroom, mix and match different styles to get an eclectic. Add fun to any room with a whimsical animal-themed lamp, or provide a warm ambiance with traditional accent table lighting.

Lampshade Size & Shape

When figuring out the best size of your new novelty table lamp, compare the size of your table to the diameter of your lampshade. The depth or width of the shade should be no larger than the narrow dimension of your table. Otherwise, the shade will hang over the edge of your table and won’t look good. usually more of a problem for bedside lamps  or buffet lamps  where the depth of a night table is more narrow.

Lampshades are an important accent feature for proper accent table lighting – and they have a great effect on dressing up your decor. In many cases, a cone shape, or angled-side lampshade displays more of a traditional style and with a drum shape or vertical shade expresses a more modern or contemporary style. If you want o update a traditional novelty table lamp – consider changing your shade to a drum style.

Bedroom Table Lamps

Category_TL_Accent2cLamps for a dresser, bedside table, or buffet table could require some special attention due to the narrow surface – generally they are between 16” and 20” in depth.

Depth of Shade (front to back): Generally, 14″ – 18″
Height of Lamp for a Dresser Table:  Generally, 18″ – 27″
Height of Lamp for a Bedside Table Lamp: Generally, 26″ – 33″

Lamps with rectangular shades or oval shades can also make good novelty lamps with a narrow depth, but they provide nice width to visually balance out the room on each side of the bed.

To Match the Style or Not To Match?

You may want to “match” or “not match” the style of your novelty lamp with appropriate furniture or architecture – What is the objective?  Some designers make a point NOT TO MATCH the lamps style with the home’s furniture style.

Your lamps style does not have to be within a Traditional style, but you still need to keep it related to the proper context of the space in some manner – in terms of shape, size, and color.

Diversify Your Lighting Types

Diversifying the types of novelty table lighting is important when designing your space– mix it up with floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, recessed lighting, and other forms of accent table light.  Don’t use all of these forms of lighting sources in one area – but, you just might use 2 or 3. offers table lamps that provide beautiful accent table light by Uttermost, Chelsea House, Wildwood Lamps,  and others at discount prices.