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Table Lamps by Height

Search Table Lamps by Height:  From short lamps to tall lamps – we feature 1,000’s of table lamps in all sizes  – and in many price ranges.   There’s one for every area of your home. But not all shapes and sizes can be used for every purpose. Some are better suited for shedding a little light in a dark corner and are not meant to read by. Some are useful to set on a desk and others are best suited for a console table to cast a welcoming glow of light in the foyer or to light a dark hall.  Use these categories to narrow your search based on lamp height.

Choosing Table Lamp Height

table-lamp-height.jpgThe table lamp height + the table height should generally fall between 58 to 64 inches in height.

The lower your table – the taller your lamp should be  – in order to measure between 58 to 64 inches high overall.

There are two reasons for this lamp height. One, it is the most comfortable height to read by when seated on a chair or sofa, or lying on a bed. The other is to keep all the lamps at a near uniform height in the room which gives a nice balanced appearance.

Table Lamp Height – Brands

We feature several brands such as Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, Dimond, Decorative Crafts, and Cooper Classics.  These brands offer a variety styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.