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Have you ever walked in to a room and said to yourself, “Something is not right?”

If you’re like us, that generally means there is something missing, decorative that is. The best thing about table lamps is they are versatile. You can move them around and put them anywhere. While choosing a table lamp is a personal taste matter, and while room size as well as decorating themes should be taken into account which can help you to realize the potential of an effective design scheme with placing a table lamp in the best place. has them all – from Contemporary and Modern to Old World and Traditional. In addition to our everyday 20% – 40% discount, we may be able to provide an additional discount – Please Call.  If you’re unsure about which style to choose – try our free visualization service where we place our image onto a photo that you send us – before you purchase.

With so many styles, sizes and types, our table lamp collection will allow you to find the perfect lamp for you. 

The material as well as the finish of a lamp along with the coordinating shade will define the style of the fixture. But while coordinating the surrounding decor with a lamp’s appearance is very important, the most important aspect is the actual function of the lamp to provide light and the desired ambiance that should not be overlooked.

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Table lamps serve three specific functions as they can be used for task, ambient or accent lighting.

1. Ambiance is generally related to the style of shade chosen for the lamp. Soft shades create a wonderful diffusion of light that will add significant room illumination, meanwhile a shade that is  opaque can create more drama by throwing streams of light which can define a your space or spaces in a bigger setting. Table lamps placed on dressers or bookshelves add a nice ambiance and character to a room.

2. Task lighting provides directional light for a specific situation. Desk and table lamps, shed extra light on a specific area in a study or office in order to assist  writing, reading or other concentrated tasks. A smaller bedside lamp can serve as a reading light beside a bed when the ceiling lights are off.

3. With accent lighting we focus on the more impressive lighting fixtures like chandeliers, but remember that  table lamps can also accent the existing lighting. As a complement to task or ambient lights or by simply creating multi layers of illumination.

Table lamps will provide that additional function, but they also add beauty and visual interest while enhancing the interior design of your home. Shop for table lamps.


Table lamps express a certain style –  be it Traditional, Contemporary, Old World, Country, Cottage, Arts & Crafts, Mission or Coastal. Modern lamps have clean lines and go by the “less is more” motto.  Traditional style is quite the opposite and is often quite decorative. Contemporary lamps are a comfortable combination of beauty and simplicity. And, Transitional is a cross between Traditional and Contemporary.


In general, the style of a table lamp should be similar to the style of the room – but not necessarily of the same period.  For example –  within the Traditional Style – there are many different “periods” from which to choose.  Unless you are trying to recreate a “period” interior,  you would likely want to choose a lamp from a different period than your furniture – but still within the Traditional Style.

However, depending on the room, certain styles can sometimes be mixed and look fabulous. Some Old World styles can mix well with Traditional, and some Mission or Arts & Crafts styles can look awesome in a Contemporary style room. Some timeless classic styles like ginger jar lamps and Tiffany lamps can look great in all but very modern style rooms. Extreme mixing of styles may be best left to the pros.  If you need help deciding, give us a call.

We offer top name brands at discount prices: Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, Decorative Crafts, and Frederick Cooper

If you are interested in seeing how any of our affordable or high-end table lamps will look in your home or office, check out our Free Visualization Service