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Flush Mount Lighting

Glistening Venetian glass, crystal, and rich gleaming metals, our flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting is anything but the ho-hum boring ceiling lights of yesterday. Our flush mount ceiling lights are so versatile they can be used in halls, bedrooms, baths, dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens.


Flush mount lights provide excellent general ambient lighting and should be considered as a base when planning your lighting scheme.  We have the flush mount lighting you need in the brands you trust: our high-end Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, and Decorative Crafts. Perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room.  Flush Mount Fixtures by top-name designers at discount prices.

What is the Difference Between Flush Mount Lighting and Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting?

Flush mount lighting is ceiling lamps with little or no space between the fixture and ceiling. Semi-flush mount ceiling lighting leaves a small space between the ceiling and the lamp usually on a stem of some kind. Both provide superb ambient lighting while adding beauty, depth, and interest to any room or hall.  To the left is an example of a semi-flush mount and below is an example of a flush mount.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights for Low Ceilings


Flush mount ceiling lights are the perfect choice for low ceilings such as second-floor bedrooms, basement family rooms, kitchens, and baths.  Often a hanging fixture just won’t work either because the ceiling is too low or someone in the family is tall.

Semi-flush fixtures come about 4-8 inches from the ceiling which could be too low for tall individuals if the ceiling is 7 feet. In this case, flush ceiling lights would be a good choice.  Do not use flush or semi-flush ceiling lights for very high or cathedral ceilings, they will get ‘’lost’’ and won’t be able to provide adequate light.

Bulb Selection for Your Flush Mount Light

Find out what type of bulb your flush mount light takes and use the one that is appropriate for your new light and your lighting application. Many give you a choice between halogen, fluorescent LED or incandescent. If you want a warmer, richer illumination halogen would be your best bet. This is good light for dining rooms and bedrooms. Baths, kitchens, and halls would benefit from LED or fluorescent bulbs.

How Large or Small Should Your Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Be?

Other than in a short hall or small bath you will likely need more than one flush mount ceiling light. The right size and number will give you the best illumination and the most attractive look for your room. Know the size of your room before you begin to shop for your light fixture. As a rule of thumb, there should be some form of lighting every 8 to 10 feet.  For the best results, use a mix of various types of lighting fixtures.

Affordable to High-End Flush Mounts on Sale at Fine Home Lamps

Featuring brands such as Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, Decorative Crafts. Call us for the best price. We also offer free shipping and no tax! If you need to return it no problem, we offer no hassle returns.

Flush Mounts on Sale at Fine Home Lamps –   If you want to get a good idea how any of our affordable or high ends flush mount ceiling lights will look in your home or office, check out our Free Visualization Service.