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Brass Floor Lamps

The beauty of brass endures with brass floor lamps. Typically, the fixed arm lamps or the ones with fabric lampshades work well for general lighting and task lighting. Some of the adjustable arm floor lamps or swing arm floor lamps may work best as a reading lamp if the shade is metal.

The more expensive floor lamps are typically solid brass whereas the less expensive lamps are plated in brass or some other metal alloy. Some of our top name brands include WildwoodFrederick CooperUttermost, Decorative Crafts and more.



Brass floor lamps exude a warm, rich color.  A clear sealant is applied to our brass lamps so that the brass does not tarnish – or at least for a very long time. Many of our lamps are hand finished with special patinas and textures to give an antiqued or aged look.

Before the industrial revolution, brass applications were limited that were well suited to it’s use. However, it was commonly used to make pins for the wool industry. A mill in Surrey, England dating back to 1697, specialized in the production of such pins.

Production of brass began in America after the independence, and demand was strong for brass buttons for the military in their uniforms. Years later, a large brass-related industry was developed in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Brass’s unique properties made it perfect in the production of things such as clocks, watches, chronometers including light fixtures and floor lamps.

The more expensive floor lamps are typically solid brass, whereas the less expensive floor lamps may have brass or other metal finish.  Some of our solid brass floor lamps have a nickel finish. offers brass floor lamps in Traditional, Contemporary, and Modern styles. Free Shipping, No Tax.


Brass is a popular material for beautiful floor lamps of all styles – from Traditional to Modern. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a combination of other unique properties. It is a warm color that is typically associated with wealth, richness, and grandeur.

The gold-like color of brass made it a popular substitute metal for making jewelry and ceremonial utensils since ancient Roman times.

Brass Floor Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office