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Wood Floor Lamps

These floor lamps come in a wide variety of styles and colors. However, the brown and black wood floor lamps are the most popular. With wood furniture and accents, it is typically considered preferable to have more than one wood tone in a space.  If most of the furniture is a dark wood – there should be a piece or two that is of another wood tone.

Category_FL_WoodcWood Floor Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office.

Wood, and other natural materials inspire a relaxed feel that’s great for casual decor.  Many nature inspired spaces have warm ambient colors that are perfect for living areas. Wood also has inherent variations that provide visual appeal to floor lamps or overhead fixtures and table lamps.

Modern to minimalist, Fine Home Lamps has an impressive collection of floor lamps for sale, with unsurpassed color options and style that will satisfy anyone. Our wide range of beautiful floor lamps will fit your style choice of “Wood”. From  the most popular contemporary and modern brands will transform your home into the paradise you crave. For the most impressive wood fixtures and modern floor lamps, your home makeover starts here. . Find your perfect Wood floor lamps today!

Reading lamps

Give directional light down on your book, others give more general light and many can give both. 

Touchier floor lamps

Provide soft comfortable light that bounces off the ceiling and illuminates your space when indirect lighting is needed.

Table floor lamps

Provide a place for a book or cup of coffee and are very functional.

Bedroom floor lamps

Are an excellent alternative to a dresser table lamp. They provide light and add style, but do not take up space on the dresser.

And lastly, floor lamps provide a vertical element to a room – that can help draw the eye upwards.

Today’s floor lamps are better than ever; providing style, function, and beauty to the home.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and our floor lamps do it with high-end style and beauty. Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp. They are very easy to move around, they can be positioned right where you need the light, and many can be adjusted in height. Use a floor lamp next to your reading chair or one on each end of a sofa, they work well with desks, secretaries, besides a bed, or place one on each side of a buffet table.


Painted or enameled wood floor lamps and light fixtures achieve different goals. You can match ceilings and floors with a specific finish that will provide beautiful illumination without drawing unwanted attention to its source of the light.

Our floor lamps are available in Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary styles. offers free shipping and no tax.