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By Style

The finish, shade color, and the style of your floor lamp all work together to create a statement.  When shopping for a floor lamp think about the furniture in your room.

Category_FL_Styles-cIs it traditional and somewhat formal or very modern and sleek? Is it contemporary and clean – but warm? Whatever your style, we have many from which to choose.  If you are unsure which to choose, try our free visualization service. We offer discount prices every day. Free shipping, No tax.

Floor Lamps by Style:

Floor lamps are the perfect choice for any style room whether it’s contemporary, modern or traditional in style.

When making a lighting purchase  – DO consider a floor lamp! Floor lamps are a great alternative to a table lamp. They are, for instance, the perfect choice for a very small room where a lamp on a table won’t fit  – or they can give you more room on your desk or bedside table for other necessities.

General Lighting, Reading, or Accent Floor Lamp

Many floor lamps are very adaptable and flexible and they are all very functional.

Reading lamps

Give directional light down on your book, others give more general light and many can give both. 

Touchier floor lamps

Provide soft comfortable light that bounces off the ceiling and illuminates your space when indirect lighting is needed.

Table floor lamps

Provide a place for a book or cup of coffee and are very functional.

Bedroom floor lamps

Category_FL_Styles2cAre an excellent alternative to a dresser table lamp. They provide light and add style, but do not take up space on the dresser.

And lastly, floor lamps provide a vertical element to a room – that can help draw the eye upwards.

Today’s floor lamps are better than ever; providing style, function, and beauty to the home.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and our floor lamps do it with high-end style and beauty. Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp. They are very easy to move around, they can be positioned right where you need the light, and many can be adjusted in height. Use a floor lamp next to your reading chair or one on each end of a sofa, they work well with desks, secretaries, besides a bed, or place one on each side of a buffet table. carries floor lamps in many styles, colors and finishes at discount prices every day by top name brands such as WildwoodFrederick CooperUttermost, and more. If you are unsure which is right for you use our free visualization service to see it in your room before you buy. Also, we may be able to provide an additional discount – Call Us for Best Price.

We offer a Free Visualization Service that lets you see how a floor lamp would look in your home – before you purchase.


Traditional, Modern, or Contemporary Floor Lamp?


Many Contemporary and traditional floor lamps share many of the same tastes and generally have shades. For a very minimalistic modern look, a metal finish floor lamp without a shade would be perfect.  Floor lamps are one of the most exciting lighting fashions going today and combine style with function in the nicest ways possible.