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FOR LIVING ROOM, BEDROOM, OR OFFICE – Choose from an array of beautiful Dimond lamps — Mercury and stain glass, crystal, nickel, uniquely textured ceramic, wood and much more. Beautiful colors that are soft and silky, frosty a pearlescent or bright and exciting. Dimond and Elk lamps deliver style like no other.   We offer Dimond Table Lamps at discount prices: 25% to 40% off.  Items generally ship within 2 business days from Pennsylvania and come with your Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Every table needs a light – and you’ve come to the right place to find the best of the best?  Forget all the others – we’ve collected some of the world’s most beautiful table lamps on the planet.

Lighting sets the stage for your room, it creates a mood. Dramatic, romantic, or no-nonsense, but always be welcoming. Table lamps do this and more. A soft glow to a dark corner, or accent a mantel, or a work of art. They help make a large room cozy, such as defining reading and conversation areas. Of course, they provide the light you need.


Beautiful table lamp design represents the meeting point of craftsmanship, art, and science. 

Find your joy –  Let your home glow beautiful, with one of our gorgeous well-designed table lamps for every room in your home. From whimsical to classic, from minimalist to industrial. 

When you change the lighting in a room, it can change the whole look for things. Each lamp offers a  special ambiance that may be just what your home is looking for.

And they’re all for sale right now, so shop away!

Dimond Table LampsCategory_Dim_Tablelamps-c – Height

Today, like art, table lamps add beauty to our rooms even when not lit. But lamps must also be functional. Choose your lamp according to the size and shape you need for your table and where the table is located.

Choose it according to the type of light you need. A reading lamp? Choose a lamp with directional or adjustable lighting. General illumination? Choose one with a lampshade. Will it be on a desk? Choose a smaller lamp. A task light? Choose a somewhat transparent shade.

In general – all the table lamps and floor lamps in a room should be between 58″ and 64″ in height from the floor to the finial. This helps give the room a cohesive look.


According to Dimond Lighting – they are ”inspired by the poetry of light” and they ”desire to transcend the boundaries of innovation and style.” And they certainly live up to their goals. These table lamps are a poetry of color, texture, and gleaming finishes. The lamps do transcend the ordinary and yet the price within reach of anyone.