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Wall Sconces


For every room and every need in your home. Wall sconces are a smart part of a lighting plan or, in some cases, they can be used alone. Bring a dark wall, hallway, or fireplace to life with a pair of beautiful wall sconces. Wall sconces are an important and smart part of any good lighting plan. Wall sconces can be a source of ambient (general) light or they can be used as task lighting or accent lighting. Typically, orders are shipped within 7-10 days from North Carolina via FedEx – and come with your Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Bring luxury and opulence to anywhere you need something to add uncommon beauty. We have a full line of Wildwood Wall Sconces. Choose from Old World, Traditional, or Contemporary designs in only the finest crystal, Venetian Glass, brass, nickel, and gold leaf. We have a style that is just right for any room in your home. 

Flank a painting, fireplace, or decorative niche for beautiful accent lightingWall sconces can be used singly but because they are small and offer smaller amounts of light they are most often used in pairs or groups.


They can set the stage and create a mood. Dramatic, romantic, but always welcoming. Wall Sconces can do this and give a soft glow to a wall. They can illuminate and define that area. And, of course, they provide the light you need.


Are a beautiful compliment to your home décor. Stylish fixtures blending glass and light adds character and design to any wall.

A pair of wall sconces can bring a hallway, a child’s room, a fireplace, reading or breakfast nook to life. If you need task lighting to shine directional light beside a bed or chair for reading look for a sconce that swivels. To flank the fireplace or in the dining room, electric candle sconces are elegant and cast a warm glow. Sconces can also be a good choice for hallways and stairs. For the kitchen, wall sconces with shades are also an excellent choice 


Generally, wall sconces are best hung 5 to 6 feet above the floor. If located in a hallway, the spacing is generally 8-10 feet, depending on the fixture size and lighting intensity.

If your ceilings are 8 feet, hang your wall sconce 74 inches above the floor. Another rule of thumb is 6 inches below the top of your windows in the room. All sconces should be mounted at the same height in the room. If in a window seat reading area they could be somewhat lower. They should be at least 12 inches from you – but not more than 36 inches..

In general, sconces should be placed 60-66 inches above the floor. Space a pair of wall sconces 8 to 10 feet apart. If your ceiling height is 8 feet mount your wall sconces should be 6 feet above the floor. If your ceiling height is higher than 9 feet, mount your sconces 6 1/2 feet off the floor.


There’s a Wildwood Wall Sconce for all of your lighting needs. They can bring romance and elegance to your dining room or living room, stylish sconces suitable for a kitchen or casual eating area. Even sconces for a child’s room or nursery. They offer beautiful Old World sconces, contemporary and traditional styles.

When in doubt about a particular style or finish try it out with our free visualization service and see your fixture in your favorite room before you buy.