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Green Lamps

Green Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, and Office:   Often, green is a color that elicits a sense of nature or the outdoors. If it is a more muted shade, it is often used as a neutral tone. Yet, highly saturated green hues can add quite a lot of attitude. Fine Home Lamps offers green table lamps in Ceramic, Porcelain, and Wood in Contemporary and Traditional Styles at 20-40% Off everyday. No Tax and Shipping is Free. 

Green Table Lamps

green bedroom lampGreen is one of the most widely used colors for interiors. In paler shades, such as mint green, it is perceived as a relaxing and calming color – and  is a popular choice for bedrooms. 

Dark green is considered to be masculine, conservative, and to imply wealth. Bright and vibrant greens express new growth and fertility. Muted green colors are often regarded as neutral.

To the left, the contemporary green bedside lamp ties in with the seat and bed linens. Red is the complementary color to green on the Color Wheel.  They reinforce the vibrancy of each other when placed together. The addition of the red flower is therefore a good accent for this color scheme.

Contemporary Green LampsContemporary Green Lamps for Living Room

The color green came into prominence during the 18th and 19th centuries when synthetic green pigments and dyes became available (replacing vegetable and mineral formulas). Around this time you’d find many green lamps or ornaments made from ceramic and porcelain.

To the right, the ceramic table lamps utilize the lampshades to bring in the green.  The owner or designer may have had these lampshades custom made. The use of green in this contemporary living room seems to bring the outdoors in.

Yellow is a warm color that is often paired with green.  And small amounts of blue accents have been added. Since blue and yellow are complementary colors, they give the space added vibrancy.

Contemporary Green LampsContemporary Green Porcelain Lamps

Here, the bright green chairs and pillows (together with the bold gold sunburst mirror) are quite striking, as is the bold green porcelain lamp. Again, we see the use of yellow (walls) paired with the green accents.

The white sofa furthers the cool, crisp ambiance of this space. This is an example of a green with a more intense chroma or saturation used to express the idea of life and energy rather than tranquility.

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