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Teal Lamps


The color teal is a bluish-greenish shade reminiscent of the ocean or lush greenery. Teal is a more muted, and richer alternative to turquoise which adds a calming influence to your decor style. Having a teal wall as a backdrop for plants and flowers or adding teal shutters or a teal door or a coffee table in with a natural or rustic room provides a peaceful injection of color. Teal is a great choice for textiles or upholstery and looks great with modern or eclectic black-and-white accents.

Teal is a color that elicits nature or the outdoors. A more muted shade of teal is often utilized as a neutral tone. Although, brighter and more saturated green hues can also add quite a lot of attitude. Fine Home Lamps offers teal table lamps in Ceramic, Porcelain, and Wood in Contemporary and Traditional Styles at 20-40% Off every day. No Tax and Shipping is Free. 


CAMILLE-TABLE-LAMPTeal is a shade of blue and green and is a widely used color for interior design. Pale shades are perceived as a relaxing and a calming color –  a popular color choice for bedrooms. 

Dark teal is perceived to be more masculine, conservative, and reflects wealth. Bright teal conveys new growth and fertility. Muted greenish bluish colors are often regarded as neutral.

Contemporary teal bedside lamp ties in with well with similar coordinating seat and bed linens. Red is a complementary color to teal on the Color Wheel. They reflect the vibrancy of each other when they are placed together. Adding a red flower into the mix is a good way to accent this color scheme.


The color teal became popular during the 18th and 19th centuries when synthetic green and blue pigments and dyes became more available (replacing vegetable and mineral formulas). At that time, it was common to find many teal lamps or ornaments made from porcelain and ceramic.

Teal table lamps utilize the lampshades to accentuate the blue. The use of teal in a contemporary living room can seem to bring in nature.

Yellow is a warm color that is often matched with green.  And smaller amounts of blue accents are often added. Since blue and yellow are complementary colors, they give the space an added vibrancy.


Think of teal chairs and teal pillows together with a (bold gold sunburst mirror) and a teal porcelain lamp would be quite beautiful. We can imagine the use of yellow (walls) matched up with teal accents.

A white sofa can further the cool, crisp ambiance of your space. A teal lamp with a more intense chroma or saturation can be used to express the idea of life and energy rather than tranquility.

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Before You Purchase: 1) Check to make sure that the bottom width and depth of the shade is narrower than the table on which it sets. This is typically important on narrow surfaces such as buffet tables, dressers, or bedside tables. 2) Check the overall lamp height to make sure it is not too tall or too short.

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