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Table Lamps by Finish

Table Lamps by Finish: Once you’ve decided the right style and size – it’s time to choose a finish. Table lamps not only come in various colors but also various finishes. Table lamp finishes include brass, bronze, copper, wood, chrome, nickel, to name a few. And, whether the finish is glossy or matte also makes a difference.  Gloss finishes add a more lively accent whereas matte finishes add a more calm accent. offers a vast selection of finishes for all your decorating needs at discount prices. Call us about availability of other special discounts – in additional to our everyday discounted prices. If you would like to see how a certain lamp would look in your space before you purchase, check out our free visualization service.

Finishes and Materials Evoke Style

Finishes do a lot of things for a room; they can add a smooth shine or interesting texture, they can give the room a contemporary or traditional look or a rustic look and feel.  A very shiny finish like chrome or a polished ceramic lamp can add a light reflection and actually brightens a space even when the lamp isn’t turned on. Use a lamp with an earthy bronze or coppery finish or a rough plaster finish for an Old World look, or a very shiny glossy finish for a sleek modern style room. Gold or brass has traditionally been the finishes of choice for an elegant look but today nickel is also considered very elegant.