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Once you’ve decided the right style and size – it’s time to choose a finish. Table lamps not only come in various colors but also various finishes. Table lamp finishes include brass, bronze, copper, wood, chrome, nickel, to name a few. And, whether the finish is glossy or matte also makes a difference.  Gloss finishes add a more lively accent whereas matte finishes add a more calm accent. 

Let’s talk about light fixture finishes, various finishes, and how to choose when designing your next lighting upgrade.

It’s important to think ahead, and not just what “looks good”. When thinking about lighting, the finish is as important as the type of light fixture. Your main goal is to impress! And to make your home inviting, right?


Designer fixtures offer many finish options that are categorized into three categories:

  • Wood and/or natural materials
  • Metals
  • Painted or enamel surfaces


Go Natural With Stone or Wood

Uttermost Milford 4 Light Oval Wood Chand

Stone, wood and other natural materials offer a calm appearance that’s just right for casual decor.  Most natural surfaces have warm hues that are great for living areas. Stone and wood also have variations that can add visual appeal to overhead fixtures or table lamps.


Metal Master-Pieces

Giaveno 1-Light Oxidized Copper Pendant

Metallic surfaces offer many beautiful finish options, including the elegance of brushed nickel, polished chrome, or or the richness of oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. Lighting fixtures with polished finishes add a brightness to any space, and brushed or rubbed finishes provide soft color and warm detail. Metal surfaces are durable, yet some materials like  nickel and brass may need polishing from time to time. Some metal light fixtures have a lacquered finish and need very little maintenance.


Painted or Enameled Finishes Blend In

Uttermost Adelino 1 Light Pendant

Enameled and painted light fixtures help you achieve several purposes. Flush-mounted or semi flush mounted lights that coordinate well with ceilings and floors to provide great illumination without the fixture being too obvious.

Light Fixture Finishes For Different Spaces

Different spaces in and  around your home have different purposes, so the finish, and color tone of your lighting fixtures finishes are important. Dining rooms, living rooms, patios and decks, provide great space for relaxing or entertainment, so think outside the box a little with your lighting designs. Kitchens are important functional spaces that require task lighting, therefore pendants that coordinate with your kitchen color works best.  For bedrooms, warm fixtures that provide an inviting mood work best.

Lighting Up The Kitchen and Bathroom

Prior to selecting the finishes for your kitchen or bathroom light fixtures, review existing plumbing and hardware as well as the trim like towel racks and cabinet pulls. Choosing the same finish, coordinating throughout the room will create a unified design look that goes well in smaller rooms, but deciding on a different metal finish can also add an eclectic touch that draws attention on purpose to a beautiful light fixture. Also consider using natural materials in order to balance the other surfaces used.. Some metal surfaces may tarnish as they’re exposed to moisture. You might want to choose a lacquered finish in order to avoid extra maintenance.

Lighting Up The Bedroom

There’s no other space more personal than the bedroom. The type of light fixture finish chosen should reflect your best tastes. Consider oil rubbed bronze or antiqued copper which are warm metals, combine that with a Victorian table lamp, adding a romantic appeal. Materials such as wood or  natural stone create a relaxing look and feel that’s ideal for a restful oasis. When you choose lighting fixtures for a child’s bedroom ceiling lighting provide great ambient light. A colorful fixture with a colorful coordinated enamel shade is a fun way to decorate a child’s room, and ceiling lights keep hot bulbs out of reach from curious kids.

Lighting Up Your Dining Room and Living Rooms

Lighting up these important rooms with beautiful lighting fixtures that impress and enhance the room’s decor. Floor lamps and table lamps finished in polished or brushed  metal add an impressive richness and create a contrast with the wooden accent pieces and upholstered furniture. Add ambient lighting to these areas using enameled or painted ceiling fixtures that blend in with the background. A cut glass or polished metal fixture hanging over the dining room table focuses attention on the gorgeous central lighting feature.

FINEHOMELAMPS.COM offers a vast selection of finishes for all your decorating needs at discount prices. Call us about the availability of other special discounts – in addition to our everyday discounted prices. If you would like to see how a certain lamp would look in your space before you purchase, check out our free visualization service.


Finishes do a lot of things for a room; they can add a smooth shine or interesting texture, they can give the room a contemporary or traditional look or a rustic look and feel.  A very shiny finish like chrome or a polished ceramic lamp can add a light reflection and actually brightens a space even when the lamp isn’t turned on. Use a lamp with an earthy bronze or coppery finish or a rough plaster finish for an Old World look, or a very shiny glossy finish for a sleek modern style room. Gold or brass has traditionally been the finishes of choice for an elegant look but today nickel is also considered very elegant.