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Brass Lamp

Brass Lamps for the Living Room, Bedroom, or Office:   Brass table lamps exude a warm, rich color.  A clear sealant is applied to our brass lamps so that the brass does not tarnish – or at least for a very long time. Many of our lamps are hand finished with special patinas and textures to give an antiqued or aged look. The more expensive lamps are typically solid brass, whereas the less expensive lamps may have a brass or other metal finish.  Some of our solid brass lamps have a nickel finish. offers brass lamps in Traditional, Contemporary, and Modern styles. Free Shipping, No Tax.

Add Sparkle or Sheen with Brass Table Lamps

Brass Buffet LampBrass is a popular material for beautiful lamps of all styles – from Traditional to Modern. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a combination of other unique properties. It is a warm color that is typically associated with wealth, richness, and grandeur.

The gold-like color of brass made it a popular substitute metal for making jewelry and ceremonial utensils since ancient Roman times.

To the left is picture of a pair of brass lamps for dining room placed on a side table in a Victorian styled room. The slender and tall design of this brass buffet lamp, along with the flower vase, forms a focal point pulling the eye inwards. 



Brass Lamps Living Room

Contemporary Brass Table Lamps

Table lamps of brass can ensure that the ambiance of a room is warm and welcoming. Table lamps with glossy brass surfaces typically make a space more animated, whereas matte finishes are more calming.

A brass table lamp is also an heirloom-quality accessory that, with proper care, will last for many generations. It is stronger than other metals and rust-resistant. That’s why keys easily slide through holes of brass padlocks.

The picture to right shows a living room with a complementary color scheme. The table lamp made of brass is matched to the elegance of the room. The light illuminated from the lamp gives the room a sense of space and warmth.


 Brass Table Lamp BedroomBrass Bedside Lamps

Today, most brass lamps have a protective finish that prevents them from tarnishing for a long time.  Perhaps, after 10 to 15 years, or so – you may want to take the lamp in to have it professionally polished and sealed again.

The richness of brass usually makes it stand-out. But like in the picture to the left, it can also be used to blend in with a room’s decor. The modern brass lamp with a twisted design here coordinates well with the carving on the bed and window sill. 

The lamp shown is this photo is called the “Jareth Table Lamp” and is available at

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